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Open Letter from John Lofton to Gary Bauer: You're Wrong, Dobson Right on Fred Thompson; and Tell Us, Please, About Your Neo-Conmen Connection

Contact: John Lofton, Recovering Republican, 410-760-8885


OPINION, Oct. 19 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following text is an open letter from John Lofton to Gary Bauer:

Dear Gary:

Allow me, please, to get right to the point. No pro-life, pro-family Christian can possibly keep an "open mind" about supporting Fred Thompson, as you are quoted as suggesting in the "Washington Times" (10/13/07). Why? Because Thompson has said that personally murdering unborn babies by abortion ought not, in and of itself, be a litmus test to bar a nominee from being Surgeon General of the United States.

In the mid-1990s, President Clinton nominated Dr. Henry Foster to be Surgeon General of the United States. When it became known that Dr. Foster had personally performed abortions there was, as a story in "The Hill" newspaper (2/8/1995) put it, "a political storm" and a "controversy erupted." This storm/controversy was, however, not about the revelation that Foster had personally murdered unborn babies. No, it was instead about whether Foster and the White House had been candid about the number of unborn babies murdered by Foster. In a recent interview, Foster told me he "probably did maybe 15" abortions.

But, Fred Thompson said performing abortions should not be a litmus test issue! He told "The Hill": "I would prefer that they (abortions) had not been in his background, but I don't think it's a litmus test in and of itself." [He] added that the circumstances of the abortions would be important saying, "I can't pass judgment on a physician...."

Well, now, this is a truly amazing statement, no? I mean if being, personally, a serial murderer of innocent unborn babies in the womb is not, in and of itself, a sufficient reason for voting down a nominee, what, pray tell, might be?

Still, despite Thompson knowing that Foster had personally performed abortions, he called Foster "a decent man." Alluding to reports that Foster had performed abortions, Thompson dismissed the abortion issue saying: "I might also say, for my part I am not too caught up in these issues of credibility with regard to things that may or may not have happened a decade or more ago." In giving his reasons for voting against Foster, Thompson said nothing at all about abortion. Instead, he attacked Clinton for politicizing the office of Surgeon General.

On Fred Thompson, Gary, Jim Dobson is right and you are wrong. Thompson does not deserve our support. No way!

Oh, and tell us, please, what, exactly, is your relationship with the neo-conman gang of warmongers at the "Project For A New American Century?" I see your name on several of their documents on their Web site.