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Christmas 2021 Global Renaissance Manifesto Released for Public Signing
Antiglobalist World Alliance
Jan. 13, 2022

PHOENIX, Az., Jan. 13, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ -- Given the continual, recent growth and expansion of arbitrary totalitarian political mandates made under the guise of universal healthcare and welfare, on Christmas Day 2021, leading intellectuals and shapers of public opinion from different professions in the US and abroad met online to affix their signatures to a historic Global Renaissance Manifesto. They did so to mark the temporal starting point, on an international scale, of a contemporary common sense cultural rebirth, analogous to several historical renaissances that have existed within the West (such as the 8th-9th century Carolingian Renaissance and the 14th-century Italian Renaissance).

At some historical point, a culture tends to enter an extreme of decay. When this happens, individual and cultural common sense tend to become lost. For the cultural common good, a cultural rebirth needs to happen. The signatories of this Christmas 2021 Manifesto agree that the contemporary world has reached such an extreme of decay globally. Hence, the need to issue this historic Manifesto to inaugurate a World Cultural Renaissance to restore common sense to our institutions worldwide and oppose growing world totalitarianism, which has led to unprecedented denial of traditional civil liberties and natural human rights in our day.

This Manifesto is currently posted on the following website for members of the general public to read and affix their names and organizational affiliation (if any), if they would like to do so:


Please consider signing the Manifesto and joining us, letting others know about it, and supporting us in any way you can to help give the cultural rebirth of common sense it so sorely needs!

SOURCE Antiglobalist World Alliance

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