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African American, Lady Exorcist, Erica Shepherd's Exorcism Ministry Goes Beyond Exorcising Demons, Evil Spirits to Miracle Healings

Contact: Joseph 786-239-8419, ladyexorcist@msn.com or Glenn Hardison glennhardison@hotmail.com 334-756-6399

BEULAH, Alabama, Sept.18 /Christian Newswire/ -- Erica has been praying for people in Alabama in one hour prayer appointments prior to the Exorcism Healing Deliverance School date of September 29-30, 2006, after each Exorcism Prayer, many Miracles have taken place within the last week.

Lady Exorcised Raynauds Disease hand healed. Did not have to have her fingers amputated.

Lady Exorcised with Himne Walker and Cane healed, she is walking on her own.

Lady Exorcised with Diabetes, no longer on insulin and miraculously lost weight.

Lady Exorcised with Generational Demons exorcised, she no longer has chronic back pain

Man Exorcised from demon, had bulging disc, no more back pain.

Man Exorcised from Witchcraft is no longer impotent.

People Exorcised according to Exodus 34:7 experiencing Peace and Joy.

Lady Exorcised from Poverty Demon gets check in the mail the next day.

Demons Exorcised out of 50 people at the same time.

Erica Shepherd, founder of The Exorcism, Healing Deliverance School of Miami, Florida.

Erica for the past 20 years has exorcised thousands of demonic spirits. Erica is a dynamic teacher with a timely anointing of faith and power.  Erica has a deep compassion and love for the people in bondage to the effects of sin, especially those in the household of faith. She has ministered freedom to thousand of people. The vision is to equip the people of God to minister freedom through The Exorcism, Healing, and Deliverance Schools.

The School of Exorcism Healing Deliverance is a school whose time has come of age. Erica Shepherd with a mandate from God, has been used by God to birth ministries, train and Empower Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, Missionaries and Ministers as Deliverer’s flowing in the power of God through the integrated Ministry of Exorcism Healing Deliverance.

For more on the school and Erica Shepherd visit http://exorcismhealingdeliveranceschool.com/ or