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Lead Plaintiff in Drake v. Obama Case Agrees to Pray with the President for Our Nation

Contact: Pastor Mark Rafter, 714-828-9009

WASHINGTON, June 13, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Pastor Wiley Drake agrees to submit to Pastor Mark A. Rafter co-chair of the Congressional Prayer Conference to pray with President Obama. Pastor Rafter had written Pastor Drake and President Obama urging them to come together in person at the White House to pray for America.

Drake said he prayed and felt Pastor Rafter's request was from the Lord and "as leaders we are required a higher standard to reach out and come together in unity for the sake of our Lord, the Body of Christ and our nation..."

Drake will not withdraw his case against President Obama but simply agrees to pray with President Obama for our nation.

Pastor Wiley Drake was past Second Vice President of the So. Baptists Convention which represents approximately 50,000 plus churches and over 15 Million Members, Drake was also a Vice Presidential Candidate in the 2008 presidential election on the independent ticket with Dr. Alan Keyes.

Rafter stated he has not yet heard from President Obama and awaits a response to his request. The Congressional Prayer Conference is also inviting people from all walks of life to meet for an entire week, July 16-23, to prayer walk Washington D.C., and will join Texas Governor Rick Perry Aug. 6th in Houston for an all day prayer event.