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January 29th is Family Worship Sunday
Pastors Unite to Promote Family Bible Reading in Recognition of Family Worship Month; SIGN THE FAMILY WORSHIP DECLARATION
Contact: Steve Morales, Family Worship Month, 434-286-2275, Steven.Morales@familyworshipmonth.com
RICHMOND, Va.,  Jan. 21, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- January is Family Worship Month and pastors around the world are speaking to their congregations Sunday, January 29th about the importance of reading the scriptures, praying and singing together as a family in the home.
The release of the films Courageous and Gather the Family, both available at Family Christian Bookstores, have ignited thousands of men to become spiritual leaders in the home. Additionally, well known authors, theologians, and Christian leaders have stepped out in front of the Family Worship Movement to humbly call the church back to this historic, and life-changing spiritual discipline.
Joel R. Beeke
As goes the home, so goes the church, and so goes the nation. Therefore it is of vital importance to us that we, the ministers of the Word, promote family worship in our congregations.
Ray Rhodes
The Reformation era left a rich legacy of family worship. The goal of family worship is for you and your family to be exposed to the character of God so that you may know and worship Him. Family worship involves regular family gatherings and will always include Scripture readings and prayer. However, you may also use other material that will help you to focus on the great work of God throughout history. Remember, as the Puritans taught, your home is a "little church" where Christ is to be worshipped. The little church does not replace the local church; however, faithfulness in family worship will greatly enhance the congregational worship of God.
Don Whitney
In conjunction with Family Worship Month, many Christian leaders have already signed the Family Worship Declaration. Sunday, January 29, 2012 is Family Worship Sunday and a multitude of pastors will encourage their congregations to begin the practice of Family Worship in the home. You can also visit the website, www.FamilyWorshipMonth.com to read articles and watch videos explaining the importance of, and how to engage in, Family Worship.
Jerry Marcellino
There is a tool that could possibly do the most generational good in our reforming efforts, but it has been either lost or grossly neglected, even in reforming churches! This tool is called family worship. Family worship is the daily practice of Christian homes offering together true "worth-ship" to the living God. It is to be a purposefully-scheduled, daily worship service in every Christian home (Joshua 24:15). This God-honoring tool for reformation is one that should be given high priority by every church in its ongoing work.
Ted Tripp
It is not possible to overstate the benefits of family worship. God is acknowledged, not just theoretically, but practically; God is in each day's agenda. Family needs are brought before God. Each member of the family is reminded daily that in God we find the life that is truly life. Hearing members of the family pray provides insight into their thoughts of God. Each day provides new opportunities to impress children with the importance of knowing God. Organizing life around God is a powerful expression of family priorities.
Terry Johnson
If your children are in your home for 18 years, you have 6,570 occasions (figuring a six day week) for family worship. What is the cumulative impact of just 15 minutes of this each day, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, for 18 years?
Ray Comfort
In Old Testament times, people built altars to God to commemorate something He had done. Altars served as a memorial to teach succeeding generations about God and His character. Gathering for a family "altar" or a devotional time is a good way to teach your children about God and His ways.
Whitney Kuniholm states, "Scripture Union's ministry focuses in two vital areas: children and the Bible. We strive to share God's love with children and lead them to follow Jesus in obedience to Jesus' command to "let the little children come to me and not hinder them". We work to help people of all ages to meet God every day through Bible reading and prayer because God's word is truly "a lamp to my feet and a light to my path" for all who read and obey it."
Steve Demme
God is alive. The Almighty, All-Loving God wants to see your kids around the throne more than you do. And God wants to teach your kids, and is capable of teaching your kids. Now He will use you, because He designed you to be doing it.
Family Worship Month is an inter-denominational movement comprised of leading ministries and Christian leaders designed to restore the historical practice of family worship.
An annual call each January to pastors, fathers, and mothers, Family Worship Month culminates in Family Worship Sunday which is January 29, 2012 when pastors from around the world will call their congregations and their own households to spend time together in prayer and reading God's Word.
For more information, or to arrange interviews with any of the authors above, contact Steve Morales, 434-286-2275, or email Steven.Morales@familyworshipmonth.com  
Do not forget to sign the Family Worship Declaration to show your support.