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Celebrity Millions Stimulus Package Exceeds National Debt

Contact: Trisha Ramos,

MEDIA ADVISORY, Jan. 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- More than 20 million million dollar bills have been given away in recent years in the form of a unique gospel tract. That's a total of 20 trillion dollars--twice the national debt. The unique gospel tract received national publicity when 8,000 were seized by the Secret Service in Texas in 2006, where there is a on-going court case. It has also been in the news when two different people were arrested for trying to cash the bills. Ray Comfort, the tract's creator, said, "Since the day the Secret Service had a seizure, sales have exploded. The case is ridiculous. They are not counterfeit, because there's no such thing as a million dollar bill."

Comfort (who co-hosts an award-winning TV program with actor, Kirk Cameron), originated the idea of the tract about ten years ago, and recently decided to combine "celebrity" with the millions. He said "They have taken off like hot cakes on a cold day in Alaska." He added, "We normally experiment with a new title, and restrict the first print to 50,000. But we had a first run of a million with these because we knew people would love them. Each pack of 100 has 20 A-list actors in the set, and when people see that there are different images they run after you and ask for more. This is a wonderful way to share the gospel with people who normally wouldn't darken the door of a church. They have perceived value, and look like a collector's item. I don't think authorities will have a problem with the new celebrity millions because they don't look too much like American currency."

He added, "As with everyone at the present time, we are concerned about the economy, so we cut our prices in half so that Christians could afford to get these tracts and give them away to those who need them. I want to stir the Church up with a new enthusiasm to reach out to those who are spiritually bankrupt, so these tracts are a stimulus package that helps more than a sagging economy." The entire set of twenty A-list celebrity caricatures can be seen on www.livingwaters.com. Enquiries Tramos@livingwaters.com.