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Trump Will Win; The Hillary We Saw in Daytona; Network News Will be Disgraced

Randall Terry, Host of Voice of Resistance, was in Daytona for Hillary Rally on 10/29 -- Here are Some of His Observations

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LUMBERTON, N.C., Nov. 1, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue, and Host of daily TV show Voice of Resistance, is on a ten day, 30 city tour in the swing states of Florida and North Carolina.

On Saturday, 10/29, Mr. Terry and his team were in Daytona when the Hillary Campaign arrived. Mr. Terry was close enough (50 ft, +/-) to yell a question to Hillary Clinton regarding her latest email probe. Mrs. Clinton clearly heard the question, and proceeded to enter the venue.

The following statement of Mr. Terry include his observations from that afternoon, and why he predicts Trump will win - and the national press will be disgraced and discredited for years to come.

Mr. Terry States:

    "When we arrived at the Dickerson Center on S. Martin Luther King Blvd, I was stunned at how few people were attempting to enter the building. The event was held in the heart of an African American community, at a fairly small venue. [The Dickerson Center.] There were so few attendees that everyone who wanted to go in could do so, and there were empty seats inside.

    "When the motorcade approached, my cameraman and I ran to the entrance where Hillary was entering, and got close enough for me to ask a question of her - which she clearly heard - then ignored.

    "After Mrs. Clinton went into the Dickerson Center, we resumed driving around the neighborhood in our motor coach decked out with 26 foot anti-Hillary banners.

    "To my amazement and shock, we did not see ONE Hillary for President yard sign. Not one. Street after street, row after row of houses in a predominantly African American neighborhood, and there was not one Hillary yard sign to be seen.

    "We did see a lot of residents - within a 3 minute walk to the Dickerson center - show complete disregard for Hillary's presence just a few hundred feet away.

    "And even more to my amazement, we saw African Americans giving us a 'thumbs up' regarding our 'rolling billboard' that declares: 'It is a sin to vote for Hillary.'

    "Hillary left the event in less that 30 minutes. And the small number of attendees drifted away without enthusiasm.

    "What I saw was a desperate woman; she used that room full of African Americans as a 'backdrop' for her to call on African Americans throughout the country to vote, and to get out the vote. Her 19 minute speech sounded like a speech given by a candidate for a state senate seat...the candidate urging attendees to get their moms, brothers, cousins, neighbors, etc., to vote.

    "But the national press corp traveling with her painted a picture of a large, enthusiastic African American crowd...they parroted the storyline that she is winning...and that Trump is losing. All of these lies and the gross negligence of their reporting are going to be exposed in one short week.

    "ABC, the Washington Post, CBS, The New York Times, NBC, CNN et al, are going to be exposed for the frauds and liars that they are after Trump wins the election. They will be held to more ridicule than at any point in their histories. Millions of Americans will plainly see that these networks tried to manipulate Americans into voting for Hillary - or at least abandoning Trump - by continuous false narratives, and skewed polls.

    "Hopefully, more Americans will give the national press the contempt they deserve, and will turn to other sources for their news, while together we make America great again, and enjoy the fruits of a Trump Presidency."

Mr. Terry and his staff are on a 7 state, 30 city tour in a motor coach, with a 26 ft. banner warning Christians: "Do not play the whole with your vote..."

See RV and news clips at www.VoiceOfResistance.org