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Four Americans Stuck in China Airport for Carrying Chinese Bibles

Contact: Bob Fu, 267-205-5210, China Aid Association, Inc., info@ChinaAid.org; www.chinaaid.org, www.monitorchina.org


Kunming, Yunnan Province, China, August 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- China Aid Association learned that four Americans are stuck at Kunming International Airport for carrying a large number of Chinese bibles today.


The four American Christians arrived at 3pm Beijing Time from the US via Thailand. Each carries about 75 to 80 Chinese version of the study bibles for Chinese pastors. The names of  the four are Mr. Pat Klein( 46 years old from the State of Wyoming), Mr. Forrest Higginbotham(78 years old, from the State of Indiana), Mr. Higginbotham's grandson Mr. Stephen Constantinou(15 years old from the State of New Jersey) and Mr. Steve Nichols( 60 years old from the State of New York). According to Mr. Klein, each of them was fined for 400 US dollars for overweight luggage with the bibles. The Chinese customs officials told the four Americans that their all of their bibles are confiscated as 'illegal religious literatures.  "The Chinese leaders keep telling the world the Chinese people have religious freedom. To even prevent them from receiving bibles certainly contradicts that claim."  Mr. Klein told CAA president Bob Fu over the phone.


Chinese authority only allows limited numbers of bibles available at official sanctioned TSPM churches. Bibles are forbidden to be sold in any public bookstores while literatures of other religious faiths are available for sale for general public. 


"I appeal to the Chinese government to release those confiscated bibles to the four individuals who deeply care about the Chinese believers," said CAA president Rev. Bob Fu, "I urge the international Christian community to pray for the four courageous fellow brothers for their safety in China."


To contact Mr. Pat Klein in China, please call his cell phone at +1-307-751-2714


Issued by CAA on August 17, 2008