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Launching of the Book: 'Sin Desires You: The Road to Reconciliation' by Pastor Andrew J. Miller


Pastor Andrew J. Miller

Dec. 16, 2019


ALBUQUERQUE, Dec. 16, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- An innovative approach to a time-tested concept, Sin Desires You: The Road to Reconciliation is a comprehensive, biblically based, Christ centered take on the traditional 12 step model.


This book is a long overdue guide to managing and even conquering destructive, harmful and self-sabotaging life patterns that often dominate a person's life such as: Anxiety, anger, stress, lust, depression, addiction and any other compulsive behaviors. While these destructive behaviors may seem like an inevitable part of life, they aren't. Through this book the reader is given fresh spiritual insight into the direct counsel of God as it relates to the struggles people face every day.


"Sin Desires you: The Road to Reconciliation" is a book that takes its readers on a journey that leads them to a spiritually mature relationship with the creator of all things. He is embraced as not just some random higher power, but as the one and only almighty God as revealed in the Holy Bible.


The author Mr. Andrew J. Miller, a Chicago native, is the current senior pastor of True Hope Church in Albuquerque, NM. However, he is no stranger to sins that dominate a person's life. He has faced the difficult task of battling his own destructive behaviors and not allowing them to defeat or define him as a person. After being convicted of financial crime that he committed he was given a prison sentence that would have spanned over 4 decades had God not intervened.


The book "Sin Desires You: The Road to Reconciliation" is suitable for people from all walks of life as a vehicle to help them achieve victory over life dominating sins and to find healing through a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ our Lord. The 12 steps as outlined in this book are intended to provide the reader with a road map for their journey to a new life free from the condemnation of sin.


SOURCE Pastor Andrew J. Miller


CONTACT: Pastor Andrew J. Miller, 505-435-7382


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Available at Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/Sin-Desires-You-Road-Reconciliation/dp/1947035088