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President Obama's Speech: Inspirational, Yet Inchoate

'President Obama played the political vixen with alluring charm; but he mixed and matched private enterprise with socialism like Pippi Longstocking mixes the color of her socks.'

Randall Terry, Democratic Presidential Candidate, makes light of President Obama's State of the Union address regarding programs, high-speed rails, Democracy, and the Arizona shootings.

Contact: Kathy Veritas, 904-687-9804, www.TerryForPresident.com

WASHINGTON, Jan. 26, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Randall Terry, Democratic Party Challenger, States:

"President Obama played the political vixen with alluring charm - casting glances at all sides of the political spectrum - but he will still bed down with Big Brother, big government, and big budgets when he washes off his makeup.

"He cast a fleeting look at reducing spending; then flirted with more government money for health care, business grants, college education, Internet growth, and even a high-speed rail to reach 80% of all Americans within 25 years. Who will pay for this - and the inevitable cost overruns? My guess is the same folks who bailed out G.M. and A.I.G."

Concerning President Obama's new proposal to have high-speed trains reach 80% of Americans, Mr. Terry States:

"Concerning a high-speed rail, I suggest the President look at a map. To reach his goal would require high-speed rails to the top 100 media markets -- from NYC to Huntsville AL, from Madison WI to Johnstown PA; from Evansville, IN to Savannah, GA. We are not a small European country; we are a trans-continental nation. And by the way, we love our cars. Driving there is half the fun, without a drunk stranger sitting next you. And FYI to voters -- the 'pat-downs' would come right after the first Muslim terrorist's bomb goes off in a train station."

Concerning Foreign Policy, and nations whose people yet do not have Democracy:

"His praise of democracy seekers world wide was especially endearing. It seems like just yesterday when President Obama bowed to the Saudi dictator, whose henchman kill religious and political dissidents."

Concerning the shootings in Arizona:

"Finally, President Obama mentioned the horrific slayings by the deranged Jared Loughner in Tucson AZ, but failed to mention the grizzly murders committed in cold blood by Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia P.A. There probably wasn't enough political perfume in the blood of those babies."

Background: On January 20, 2011, Randall Terry announced his entrance into the Democratic presidential primary. See Mr. Terry's website at www.TerryForPresident.com.