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Dad's Are Responsible to Not Only Provide, but Protect Their Children

Contact: Phil Magnan, Director, Biblical Family Advocates, 619-962-0659

SAN DIEGO, August 6 /Christian Newswire/ -- There is little doubt for most that fathers should provide for their own children. But in spite of this common conviction, there is a great lack of fatherly care for the children that are brought into this world. The Holy Scriptures speak of the fact that those Christian men who do not provide for their own families are worse than those who do not know God. It is also commonly expected that men protect their own families, even at the expense of their own lives; as it is their honorable right and duty before God and man to do so.

But what seems incredible to Biblical Family Advocates is the lack of protection that fathers are legally allowed to provide for their children in regards to the grisly practice of abortion. "I have pleaded with many men at abortion clinics, imploring them to protect their children from abortion. To my continued surprise they will state that women have a constitutional right to abortion; as though they have accepted the right of 'choice', at the expense of their own God given mandate to protect their helpless children", says Phil Magnan of (BFA) Biblical Family Advocates.

But one state is considering the option of allowing men to have a legal say in the killing of their children. The State of Ohio is considering a bill "that would prohibit abortions unless the father of the unborn child also provides his consent to it."

"The State of Ohio should be commended for considering such legislation. There is such a dire need for men to reclaim their responsibility to protect their little ones from dismemberment. I know as a father that I would be stunned to have to grapple with my own child being killed in such a horrific manner by the callous act of abortion. So many men are hurting over the fact that they did not have the right to speak up on their child's behalf. It is remarkable that men are expected to provide financially for their children, but they cannot deny the mother the unjust right to kill their own child."

It should also be stated that abortion continues to give many men the perfect escape from taking responsibility for their sexual immorality and infidelity. Magnan continued by saying, "It is imperative that men once again recapture what it means to protect and provide for the children that they have helped to conceive; otherwise we will have not only robbed the future of our children, but we will have stolen the very soul of what it means for men to be real men."