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The American Dream: With Justice and Liberty for All?
Rags-to-riches tale draws readers into story of young American heroine who risks her professional achievements to face down racism that threatens to destroy an innocent family

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MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 9, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- As the New Year starts, all over America men and women begin working to achieve their 2014 goals, confident their own personal American dream is attainable. For generations, Americans have loved rags-to-riches stories of success earned through hard work. But is it truly a land of opportunity for all? Just how true was that decades ago, not just for earnest young men but for American women and Americans of color? In his newly-released novel, Castles of the Heart [ISBN: 978-1-940262-02-4], author Hale Meserow weaves a tale of one American dream come true as he introduces us to a memorable heroine from a small town in the South.

Starting in the years before the Depression, Castles of the Heart introduces Starlight O'Bannion, who tells her story of growing up poor in the 1940s in the back country of North Carolina. Starlight takes us through her experiences and heartbreak during WWII to her triumph as a high-achieving corporate attorney in New York City during the war years.

Abruptly, she is compelled to return home to face the biggest moral and professional challenge of her life, as she tackles the bitter racism that threatens to destroy an innocent family beloved to her. As she considers her future and the loss of all that she has accomplished, Starlight must decide where the true castle of her heart lies.

Rich in the descriptive beauty of western North Carolina, Meserow's easy-to-read style and plot twists make it hard to put down the story of the iconic heroine Starlight O'Bannion.

"One of my passions is writing about people who have faced significant challenges and accomplished much. The character of Starlight is one of my favorites, as she meets a mighty moral challenge that ultimately defines her life," Meserow said.

The former Air Force officer and Viet Nam veteran is an independent businessman and author who lives in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. He and his wife have two sons and one granddaughter. This is his ninth book.

Castles of the Heart, published by Carpenter's Son Publishing, is available now in select bookstores, on Amazon and at www.castles-of-the-heart.com.

To view the trailer, visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0pSo3jiLJY.