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Organizers Announce Schedule for Prayerful and Public Witness at the Clinic of Late-term Abortion Provider Leroy Carhart

Contact: Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, 540-538-4741, 202-547-1735

GERMANTOWN, Md., July 1, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- "The Summer of Mercy 2.0" will include 9 days of prayer, rallies, teaching, worship and public witness in Germantown, Maryland this July 30 - August 7.

Go to summerofmercy.com for more information and the complete schedule.

"The Summer of Mercy 2.0" is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of "The "Summer of Mercy" in Wichita, Kansas where over 50,000 pro-life activists gathered to cry out to God for an end to abortion in 1991.

The theme of the event in Germantown is: "Do you believe prayer and public witness can end abortion? We do!"

"The Summer of Mercy 2.0" is being sponsored and organized by, The Maryland Coalition for Life, The Christian Defense Coalition, Operation Rescue and the local churches of Maryland.
Michael Martelli, the Executive Director of the Maryland Coalition for Life, states,

"Leroy Carhart came to Maryland because it is one of the most pro-abortion and unregulated states in the country.  Carhart has turned our great state into 'Ground Zero' in the battle for the lives of the next generation.
"We believe that the all-powerful and sovereign Creator of the Universe makes no mistakes, and will use 'The Summer of Mercy 2.0' to end the barbaric practice of late-term abortion once and for all."

Rev. Charles Bail, Senior Pastor of Shady Grove Presbyterian Church, adds,
"As a local pastor, we welcome the opportunity to stand for life in our community during 'The Summer of Mercy 2.0.'  Our community needs to know that we truly love and care for pregnant women in crisis and that we will help them so they are not left to think their only alternative is to take the life of their own child.
"Our community needs to know that in the shadow of our nation's capitol the barbaric practice of late-term abortion is being performed.  The Church cannot remain silent while 7 month old viable children in their mother's wombs are being destroyed.
"I look forward to uniting with numerous churches in praying and pleading for the protection of children and standing for their basic right to life."
For more information please contact:
Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney at   540.538.4741     202.547.1735