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Dinosaurs Mentioned in the Bible and We Now Know the Purpose of Their Existence

Not only are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible but they are presented in the perfect chronological order as taught by modern day science. Although they disappeared, they served a purpose

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FT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 28, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- The King James version of the Bible translates Genesis 1:21 as "And God created great whales..." The Catholic Bible refers to the "great sea creatures." Some Bibles refer to that creation as the "great sea monsters" and the Hebrew Bibles refer to them as either "great sea monsters" or the "great sea giants."

The transliterated Hebrew word 'tahneeneem' from which the different definitions are derived has been a problem to the early scholars because the word was of doubtful derivation and an exact meaning could not be applied to it.

Professor Solomon Huriash makes the case and proves that what is being referred to are the dinosaurs of yesteryear. In proving that every verse of the Biblical story of creation is in exact sync with the teachings of modern science, Huriash provides the details that explain the dinosaurs place in the scheme of creation.

In Genesis 1:20 of Day 5, God states His mission of having swarms of living creatures come forth from the waters and what follows are birds that fly above the earth and around the expanse of the sky.

But then in Genesis 1:21 God starts off by first creating the great sea monsters, then the living creatures that creep (which had been brought forth from the waters in swarms), And then lastly all the winged birds of every kind. God then expressed His satisfaction and blessed them.

That sequence of events then caused confusion for the Sages. Why did God first create the giant sea monsters? After all, they had not been mentioned in His mission statement of Genesis 1:20 and why were they part of His blessing if He would have them disappear from the earth?

Modern science teaches that dinosaurs appeared on Earth 340-320 million years ago and were classified as 'giant reptiles.' Although dinosaurs were not amphibians, some species spent a great deal of time in the water and we also learn today that all life originated in the seas and then most adapted to the land. There were 700 different dinosaur species and two of them were winged. Within the last 75 years we learned that birds descended from the saurischians dinosaur winged species.

Thus Genesis 1:21 which starts with the dinosaurs shows the perfect chronological order in which the Bible's creation story was written because birds had not yet evolved into great flying entities until after the time period of the creeping living creatures were a fact of life. Thus science, once considered the opponent of the Bible, is actually is sync and is now the proof the Bible is perfect.

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