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TOPIC: Slander is a Sin: Impeachment Without Evidence


Epic Quest Media

Oct. 7, 2019


MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct. 7, 2019 / Christian Newswire/ -- The Democrats are at it again. After a failed attempt to discredit President Trump with "Russian collusion," the Democrats have set their sights on Ukraine. New allegations have surfaced claiming that President Trump withheld financial aid to Ukraine unless prosecutors agreed to investigate Hunter Biden's ties to a company based in that country. All ears are on a phone call with the Ukrainian president, Volodymir Zelensky. While no evidence of a quid pro quo can be found in the transcript, Democrats are relying on the testimony of a "whistle blower," who heard nothing firsthand, but claimed he received information from multiple sources. According to an article in the Federalist, the intelligence community quietly lowered the standard for whistle blower complaints to include secondhand allegations.


Should national legislators rely on rumor and innuendo to take out a sitting, duly elected president? No, says Texas pastor Ronnie Mitchem. Mitchem, pastor of Victory and Praise Outreach in Crosby Texas, is appalled at the lengths the Democrats have gone to destroy President Trump. "The Democrats are trying to impeach President Trump yet again. And of course the media is happy to push the issue before they even know the facts. The media has one narrative and they will push it no matter if it is true or false. Truth and facts do not matter to them. They have one agenda, to destroy America as we know it. The legal system and the rule of law do not matter as long as they get what they want. They are willing to turn a blind eye to true corruption and cover up for those who are truly breaking the laws and conspiring against America."


"I was treated in the same manner by the local news media when I removed two players off my high school football team I coached in 2017. I was falsely accused of making the two boys take off their clothes on the side lines. Though this was a complete lie, the news media told it as fact. I was overwhelmed with vile threats from those who bought into the lie without having the clear facts."


"When we have people with no moral compass, they truly have no concern as to the damage or defamation they can cause to the victim that is being accused."



- Ronnie Mitchem is the author of the book, "The Cost of Colors".

- Mitchem is an ordained minister with more than twenty-five years of ministry experience.

- He has led five different churches in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas, including Victory & Praise Worship Center, founded in 2004.


Ronnie Mitchem has preached across the continental United States and abroad as an evangelist. Pastor Mitchem's life experiences as a former US Marine and businessman have enriched his calling and preaching style.

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