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Trauma Survivor Shares Her Path to Restored Confidence
Contact: Restoring the Heart Ministries, 631-374-7901, RosaRthm@yahoo.com

SETAUKET, Oct. 20, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Trauma shatters a person's confidence. Whether it's the trauma of physical abuse, a devastating illness, relational loss, or a life-changing accident, the survivor typically has a deep sense of brokenness, and sometimes shame, even though she did not do anything wrong. The unrelenting pain and self-condemning thoughts fracture her self-worth: "You're not as strong as you thought; you're not as good as you thought; you're not as indestructible."

In her new book, Broken and Beautiful: 31 Days from Healing to Joy, author and certified trauma counsellor Julie Woodley offers trauma survivors a month-long day-by-day path to honesty, restoration, and hope. "Brokenness is not the end, but a new beginning, for those who allow Jesus to reshape their shattered selves into something wonderful and full of His grace," Julie says.

"Walk with me as I share my day-to-day struggles, victories, and moments of clarity on this path with the Re-Creator of My Heart."

Julie Woodley has walked through several lifetimes of trauma, starting with childhood sexual abuse in her home and family, sexual trafficking, post-abortion trauma, head injury, cancer and divorce. While such tremendous pain creates deep scarring of a person's identity, Julie has learned that by trusting the One who was scarred on our behalf, the hardships and turmoil have the potential to transform the hurt person into something beautiful. Like a translucent piece of sea glass polished by the unrelenting waves of innumerable tides, Christ can shape the wounded person into someone lovely to behold.

Broken and Beautiful is available at Wipf&Stock.com, Amazon.com and through the website of Restoring the Heart Ministries (www.Rthm.cc). To contact Julie for interview, call Restoring the Heart Ministries at 631-374-7901 or email at RosaRthm@yahoo.com.  

Julie Woodley is director of Restoring the Heart Ministries, serving childhood sexual abuse victims and post-abortion women. Her story has aired on The 700 Club, Focus on the Family, Life Today, and Dr. James Dobson's familytalk. She is the author of A Wildflower Grows in Brooklyn (2013), co-author of Surviving the Storms of Life (2008). She also serves as a Christian therapist and group facilitator for curriculum based on her film, In the Wildflowers, which she produced for men and women who have been sexually abused, and Into My Arms, her film for men and women who have experienced abortion trauma and want to experience restoration of Christ.