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World War II Survivor Elizabeth Carlson Tells of Hope Amid Horror

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ENUMCLAW, Wash., Dec. 9 /Christian Newswire/  -- In September of 1939, Hitler's Nazi war machine swept through Poland, leaving a trail of destruction, torment, and death. Innocent civilians found themselves caught in a maze of air raids, bombings, rifle fire, arrests, and destruction. They walked fearfully through streets littered with corpses, struggled to find food and drink, fought disease without doctors or medicine, never knowing who or what was around the next bend as they endured the horrors of World War II.

After 50 years of silence, a child of World War II speaks out and for the first time shares her experiences with the outside world. Elizabeth Carlson's true story uncovers unspeakable horrors--and reveals incredible kindnesses as God in His mercy provides miracle after miracle for one ordinary family.

Elizabeth Carlson tells the story of how her mother, Wanda, the infant Carlson and her two young brothers, along with her extended family, struggled to survive the atrocities of war and the occupation that followed. Her debut book, "SCREAM Quietly," is the true story of suffering beyond human endurance and of fierce courage beyond human comprehension as Wanda sought desperately to guide her family to safety. This account--by turns violent, tragic, humorous, gentle, and haunting--is ultimately a testimony of deep faith: surrounded by chaos, Wanda continually turned to her abiding trust in God for help, hope, and strength.

"Writing this book was something I had to do before I died," Carlson says, "It was as if this was my commission from God. It shows how one faithful woman who loved Jesus, through prayer, helped influence the outcome of horrific circumstances."

After the war ended, Elizabeth's mother escaped with her children from communist Poland to reunite with her husband. After living in several countries abroad, she and her husband, Stan, now make their home in north central Wisconsin. Carlson has been telling her riveting story for many years to schools, churches, community groups, and conventions.

"SCREAM Quietly" exposes both the horrific inhumanity of war and the tender faithfulness of God's protection and care in extreme circumstances. "This world can be violent," Carlson states, "but there are many kindhearted and overwhelmingly generous people in it. I want people to know that God is still in control and still cares what happens to each of His children."

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