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Satanic Teachings of Oprah's Guru Linked to Barack Obama

Contact: Robert Bowie Johnson, 410-757-4630


MEDIA ADVISORY, September 22 /Christian Newswire/ -- In a series of essays published at www.solvinglight.com/blog/, author Robert Bowie Johnson Jr. presents evidence that Barack Obama is directly linked to Satanic teachings through his close association with Oprah Winfrey, who parrots and relentlessly promotes, worldwide, the anti-Christian doctrine of her guru, Eckhart Tolle. A summary:


Michelle Obama has written that Oprah Winfrey is the one who challenges her and Barack "to make the world as it is the world as it should be," calling her a "global role model," and "the first to show us how it can be done."


To change the world, forming a global "new kind of tribe," Oprah, in turn, relies upon the virulently anti-Christian teaching of her pathologically narcissistic guru, Eckhart Tolle.


Tolle, in turn, relies on a spirit or force he calls the "Source" which he says resides within him, Oprah, and all others who believe as Oprah does.


Tolle's "Source" tells him and Oprah that the word of the God of the Bible cannot be trusted, that there is no death, and that he and Oprah both are as God, able to say of themselves, "I Am That I Am." These things that the "Source" has told Tolle and Oprah are the same things the ancient serpent told Eve in the garden. According to Scripture, Satan is another name for the ancient serpent.


"The voting public has a right to know to what degree Barack Obama, who has called himself a 'committed Christian,' considers himself and his wife to be integral parts of Oprah's and Tolle's New Age global tribe, a tribe that has adopted the "wisdom" of the ancient serpent as its own," Mr. Johnson said.


Please see www.solvinglight.com/blog/Obama-and-Satan/ and www.solvinglight.com/blog/Sarah-and-Oprah/ and www.solvinglight.com/blog/category/essays/ and www.solvinglight.com.

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