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Dr. William Devlin, NYC Pastor and Human Rights Leader, in Hong Kong Meeting with Students November 13-19 to Stand and Pray with Protesters and Democracy Movement


REDEEM! 501(c)3

Nov. 15, 2019


HONG KONG, Nov. 15, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dr. William Devlin, CEO, REDEEM! & Outreach pastor, Infinity Bible Church, The Bronx, NYC, is in Hong Kong to support the democracy and freedom protests happening here. Devlin is in Hong Kong for four days with Christian Defense Coalition director, Rev. Patrick Mahoney, and will be speaking at local rallies, leading prayer gatherings and meeting with local pro-democracy and Christian leaders. Devlin is a regular attendee/volunteer at weekly meetings of the US State Department International Religious Freedom Roundtable in DC.


Today, Dr. Devlin and Rev. Mahoney, with local Hong Kong human rights leader, Andy Chan, met and prayed with dozens of students who have occupied the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


Some of the objectives of the trip include:


Bring a deeper awareness and understanding to the Christian community and general public here in America on what is taking place in Hong Kong and ways to get involved.


Build relationships with pro-democracy leaders and Christians in Hong Kong.


Stand in solidarity with the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong and bring encouragement to them from the American faith community.


Conduct "prayer walks" through Hong Kong and broadcast them around the world through Facebook Live seeking God for guidance and blessing.


Report back to members of Congress and the International Religious Freedom Roundtable in Washington DC., the first-hand information we have seen "being on the ground" in Hong Kong and discuss positive initiatives in moving forward.


Speak at local assemblies and rallies in Hong Kong.


Draw international attention to the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong through public events.


Working with members of the United States Congress and Trump Administration to help pass the Hong Kong Democracy Act.


Dr. Pastor Devlin states:


"We have had the honor to meet with, pray for and encourage dozens of students at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University which is currently occupied by these student leaders who are lovers of democracy, human rights and freedom. These are courageous young women & men: we stand with them."


Rev. Patrick Mahoney states:


"We are going to Hong Kong to pray and stand in solidarity with the heroic Hong Kongers who are fighting for democracy, human rights and freedom."




CONTACT: Dr. William Devlin, +1-646-233-7279, octanefaith@yahoo.com