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Gossip, We Must Stop the Not So Silent Killer: A Challenge for Southern Baptists and Simply Everyone Else
Contact: Kevin Hester,

ST. JOSEPH, Mich., May 8, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Gossip hurts and it's time we stop the pain, says Kevin Hester, the pastor of The Shore Church in St. Joseph, Michigan. Kevin has been hurt by gossip and continues to see countless lives affected by gossip. Because of this, he is waging war against it.

Over the past few months, we have seen individuals and groups going to battle against bullying and sexual assault, but Kevin believes that gossip has become an accepted form of bullying and assault and that it's time that we take a stand against it.

Kevin is challenging people to go 8-Days Gossip Free (free from participating in gossip by speaking, typing, posting, texting or any other form of communication). The challenge officially starts on 8-8 (August 8), but Kevin is issuing the challenge now as gossip continues to spread through the news, social media, and through the old fashioned grapevine. Eight is the number of a fresh start and Kevin believes we all need one in this area. Gossip is also causing division in the Southern Baptist Convention, which his church plant is associated with. In the Bible, Kevin says, gossip is said to kill and destroy, to separate friends, and endanger people. Gossip is hated by God. Kevin is concerned about the potential harm that could be caused by gossip at the Southern Baptist Convention in Texas, so he is proposing a resolution to be read at the meeting, proposing that the Southern Baptist Convention resolves to make an open stand against gossip. Kevin states that, instead of gossiping Christians ought to be "Gospel Sharing," and emphasizing love. Kevin wants to remind Christians of the SBC and everywhere that the Bible says the world will know that we are followers of Christ, by our love for one another.

This spring and summer, Kevin will be publicly emphasizing that gossip hurts and will be promoting the Gossip Free 8-day Challenge online, at fairs, festivals, and various events and he invites everyone to stand with him. He has also written a couple of small books about gossip and offers bracelets that proclaim #GossipHurts and Gossip Free. Kevin knows that ridding the world of gossip is not altogether possible because wherever you find people, you will find gossip but he hopes that he can encourage even just a few people to think before they speak and stop the hurt for even just a few.