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Life Legal Defense Foundation Brief Completely Refutes National Abortion Federation Lies: NAF Invited David Daleiden to Its 'Secret' Meetings
Contact: Alexandra Snyder, Life Legal Defense Foundation, 202-717-7371
MEDIA ADVISORY, Dec. 7, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- On Thursday, the Life Legal Defense Foundation filed an opposition brief to the National Abortion Federation's (NAF) motion for preliminary injunction against David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress (CMP). NAF is suing for an injunction to prevent Daleiden from releasing the recordings and information he obtained at the NAF meetings on the grounds that he is a "racketeer" who "committed fraud," "snuck into" their completely secure, private meetings, "stole" NAF information, and repelled them with his constant questions about buying fetal tissue.
Life Legal's opposition brief argues that, on the contrary, NAF welcomed Daleiden and the other investigators as dealers in fetal tissue, that he conducted his investigation legally, and that the public has a right to know what Daleiden uncovered at the NAF meetings.
Daleiden's declaration, filed with the opposition brief, gives a very different version of events than NAF has provided -- and includes the evidence to back it up. He says that two of his investigators, posing as employees of BioMax, met NAF employees at an unrelated conference in September of 2013. The investigators explained BioMax's plan to buy fetal tissue. Here's what happened, as caught on tape:
"Less than four minutes into the conversation, [one NAF employee] invited the investigators, as representatives of BioMax, to attend and exhibit at the next NAF Annual Meeting... One investigator told her that BioMax planned to give clinics some of the fees that it received from researchers for providing fetal tissue--an action that would be plainly illegal. [The NAF employee] responded that their members would be very interested in learning about that and strongly encouraged them to exhibit at the NAF meeting...."
Daleiden and other investigators attended both the 2014 and 2015 NAF Annual Meetings at the invitation of NAF employees.
Catherine Short, Life Legal Defense Foundation's Vice President and Daleiden's lead counsel says, "NAF unwittingly rolled out the red carpet for BioMax because NAF believed they were illegal dealers in fetal tissue. Moreover, after David and the other investigators, acting for BioMax, pitched their business plan of buying aborted baby body parts to everyone they could, they were invited back.
"It's time for the National Abortion Federation to admit the truth: they were completely taken in by a legitimate undercover investigation, and yes, they were uncovered."

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