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An Intimate Look at One of the 20th Century's Greatest Evangelists, Oral Roberts

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TULSA, Oklahoma, Dec. 12, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- If you are like most people, the name Oral Roberts will evoke a thousand different images. But, images can be manipulated - cropped, airbrushed, added-to and colored. A life as panoramic as that of Oral Roberts cannot be viewed from one perspective. Seen from one angle Oral Roberts is a far-sighted man of God who fused the "Old Time Religion" with the modern tools of communication and education. Seen from a different angle, he represents, for some, the retreat from the central tenets of the "Bible" to a market-driven, multi-media ministry. What made Oral Roberts such a divisive figure? Like all complicated stories, the truth lies somewhere beneath all the hype, hyperbole and hysteria.


Now, the daughter of famed televangelist Oral Roberts has stepped out of the shadows to answer these questions about one of the 20th century's most enigmatic men. My Dad, Oral Roberts is an intimate, behind-the-scenes portrait of a man who literally held America spellbound, told by one who had a most unique viewpoint.


The youngest of Oral and Evelyn Roberts' children, Roberta Roberts Potts directs the reader toward a more private side of her father, who began life in crushing poverty and went on to become a world-renowned Christian figure. And, while most who read this book have already formed some opinion of this iconic figure, My Dad, Oral Roberts will seriously challenge those opinions. Ms. Roberts Potts candidly and lovingly exposes the "clay feet" of this great man of God, as well as walking us through the trials and tribulations that she and her family experienced. Although many are familiar with the history surrounding her more well-known brother, Richard, many will be surprised and touched to hear about the lives of her other brother and sister. Truly, as had been said or paraphrased by different people, in many different ways, one should not judge another until they have walked in his shoes. My Dad, Oral Roberts, is destined to change the way we think about this man. Roberta Roberts Potts is available for interviews, public appearances and book signings.


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