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Ordinary People, God-Orchestrated Events

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MEDIA ADVISORY, Dec. 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- Does the One who created the complex universe know and care about the smallest details of our lives? Author Greg Budd is convinced that God-orchestrated events in the lives of ordinary people prove that He cares. His book God Knows Your Name is a collection of inspiring, compelling true-life stories written to give new hope to the hopeless, and assurance for those who feel insignificant and forgotten that they are known and loved by God.


The intriguing stories of God Knows Your Name is an excellent pass-along book for someone who might not read the Bible or a teaching book, but who would be interested in stories of God at work in lives. Each story is unique and resonates with hope. God Knows Your Name tells the stories of ordinary people who have experienced God's intervention in their lives. From the book come these dramatic accounts:


  • A hurtled glass bottle heading right for Javier's face stops in mid-air and falls to ground. A voice says: I have something better for you.

  • Out of gas in a dangerous spot, a mother worries but a four year old prays and a motor roars to life just as if it were full of fuel.

  • A horrific accident paralyzes a young father but a dramatic encounter with Jesus erases his fear.


Greg Budd says, "God Knows Your Name was written as encouragement for those struggling with the challenges of life." From a prayer for blankets that was instantly answered for a poor Dominican Republic woman, to life-changing words one inmate spoke to another at exactly the right time, the stories told in this book reinforce the truth that the God who created the universe, personally for us and knows us by name.


After his prodigal years where Greg Budd had his own experiences with divine intervention, the Wisconsin native married his wife Lesa. From their life on a Wisconsin farm, the Budds and their children spent two years as missionaries in the Dominican Republic. Gregg Budd is the author of I Will Save You to Make You a Blessing. He and his wife speak at worship services and seminars, and host a one-hour weekly Christian radio program.


God Knows Your Name is available by calling toll-free 1-877-421-7323 or through www.WinePressBooks.com or your local bookstore.