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What About the Groom?

Contact: Mike Smit, mike.smit@toolbash.com, 208-420-0483; Dave Hamilton, dave.hamilton@toolbash.com, 208-308-4920


TWIN FALLS, Idaho, July 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- Here's the scene: guys gathered in someone's garage, eating & drinking, laughing, competing and then gathering around the young groom-to-be to watch him open poorly-wrapped tool gifts. A cleverly disguised bridal shower? Or maybe a wholesome bachelor party? No it's a TOOLBASH.

Ever notice the groom-to-be is usually the one standing around looking bored while the bride-to-be is busy looking at dresses, shoes, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, photographers, reception halls, etc.? And why is it that the bride may have 2-3 showers where she gets all kinds of gifts for her new home…while the groom may not even own a hammer to hang their first picture?

Well that will no longer be the case if a company called TOOLBASH has anything to say about it.

The TOOLBASH concept is bent on nothing less than "changing pre-wedding history". So what exactly is a TOOLBASH? According to co-creators Mike Smit and Dave Hamilton, a TOOLBASH is a family-friendly, fun event where the activity centers around honoring the groom-to-be and giving him tools as gifts.

The idea is that someone close to the groom – father, father-in-law, brother, uncle, friend, etc. - would put on this party. But since most guys don't like to do a lot of planning or decorating, the creators of a TOOLBASH have assembled everything the host will need in one easy kit - instruction book, invitations, RSVP cards, envelopes, address labels, TOOLBASH banners, and even discount coupons for the invitees to use to buy tool gifts.

A typical TOOLBASH usually involves food, fun, competition, tool gifts…and maybe some advice for the groom to help him be a better husband and father.

In contrast to a traditional bachelor party, one of the creators' favorite phrases is "no regrets after this one."

"We believe these events can make a difference in a young man's marriage, when he is making one of the most important decisions of his life. By gathering men around him and showing they support him…maybe they can help his marriage get started off right. We'd like him to realize he's not alone if he runs into a problem or has questions", say Smit and Hamilton.

"Changing pre-wedding history"…a lofty goal? Maybe it's an idea whose time has come.

To see a video with clips from actual TOOLBASHES and hear from grooms who've been 'bashed' go to www.toolbash.com

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