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New Christian TV Network Refuses to Ask Viewers for Donations, Solicit Paid Subscribers, or Air Fundraising Telethons

Contact: Pastor David Wright, DoersTV.com, 301-452-9007

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- DoersTV.com, a new 21-Channel Christian internet television network, has made an unusual decision for a Christian television network. They have decided not to use the fundraising strategies of soliciting viewers for donations, monthly subscriptions, or airing fundraising telethons implored by most Christian TV Networks. They believe those who are presented with the Gospel should receive it free from solicitations.

"I truly believe, as disciples of Jesus Christ, all Christians (especially those in the media) have a responsibility to present the Gospel without cost," Pastor David Wright, CEO of DoersTV.com, said recently. "When Jesus laid the principle of freely you have received, freely you give; I believe He meant it. Everyone should be able to receive the Gospel free of charge. I do realize that there are major expenses involved in running a television network and bills must be paid, however, we must find creative ways to raise these funds without selling the Gospel."

DoersTV.com is not just free for viewers, but also for certain Christian ministries; such as churches and Christian Filmmakers. These organizations see DoersTV.com as a promise land alternative to the expensive broadcasting fees charged by other Christian TV Networks. "God has given me the talent to produce films, but without a way to share it that content is useless," Marty Jean-Louis, founder of My Christian Films, said recently. "DoersTV.com has given me, and many others, a pathway to share the Gospel and our talent with the world."

With a mandate to not solicit money from its viewing audience and to keep the network operating, DoersTV.com has come up with a few creative fundraising strategies. One such strategy is the Christian Shopping Channel (CSC), which many are starting to call the "Christian QVC". The revenue generated from CSC helps DoersTV.com to accomplish its mandate.

Will DoersTV.com hold true to its mandate of refusing to use the normal Christian TV methods of soliciting viewers for donations, monthly subscriptions, and airing fundraising telethons? Only time will tell. But it is a refreshing concept that is worth keeping an eye on.

DoersTV.com is a free Christian TV Network with a mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through internet TV programming, emphasizing safe family values for communities and Christians worldwide.