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From Welfare to Millionaire to Missionary
Contact: Carol Freeman, Overflow Cafe, 416-703-7979

TORONTO, Canada, Feb. 14, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Jeff Hall's most recent tax return will show an income well into the millions. Far from the days when he used to starve. Growing up in a poor and dysfunctional family that was on welfare, today he's participated in over 100 missions projects.

In his early years, Jeff was receiving regular beatings at home, while earning money to support his family. That's just how it was growing up. "I was doing my best in school and working 7 days a week at the age of 8 delivering newspapers, babysitting the neighbors children and door to door sales. My step-father was a violent alcoholic and my mother was at the casino every day. I must have been earning $350 a month at age 8 and all the money went to family bills and yet nothing was left for my needs. I didn't go on school trips and I rarely had lunch. My friends would be out playing and I would be working to survive or to avoid a beating, often lying about my age to get under-the-table jobs that nobody else would do.

"I co-founded Overflow Cafe at the age of 15 in my bedroom and grew it one client at a time, the idea is that Overflow Cafe will make websites popular." The company grew slowly and steadily through hard work and sacrifice.

"I was an atheist and became a Christian at the age of 17. Overflow Cafe become more successful year after year."

Today Jeff spends much of his time investing into missions work in parts of the world where Christianity is growing rapidly. There are over 20 million Christians in India, over 100 million Christians in China, over 300 million Christians in Africa, hundreds of millions in South America. Even though Christianity is seemingly dying in America it's growing rapidly in other countries and we need to invest where there's growth. Christians are being murdered left right and center in some countries yet somehow their numbers are increasing, not decreasing; Jesus cannot be defeated.

Jeff's goal is to continue to grow Overflow Cafe to the point where he can give $1 Million each month to missions work.