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American Atheists, Inc., Challenges Filmmaker to Release Unedited Interviews

Contact: Jen Thompson, Living Waters Publications, 800-437-1893, jthompson@livingwaters.com 

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 8, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- American Atheists, Inc., today tweeted to its 31,000 followers for producer Ray Comfort to release unedited footage of interviews he conducted with four evolutionary scientists for his new film.

In the film, "Evolution vs. God," the scientists are unable to offer any observable scientific evidence for Darwinian evolution. The tweet said, "Ray, we challenge you to post the unedited interviews of the scientists -- We'll help promote them if you do." They're not the only ones who want to see the raw footage, according to the producer. These are just some of the many demands from atheists to see what didn't make it into the movie:

Andrew Dougy Rutherford: Yeah, getting to see the full unedited interviews would be great. If you case against them is as solid as you claim then you would have no problem doing this.

Tommy Harris: Liar. Release the raw, unedited footage, Ray.

Andy Ball: Yes please do release the unedited interviews, let us judge for ourselves what they're talking about.

Seth McCartney: Ray Comfort, if you have nothing to hide, then release it. It'll give your movie credibility if you've been honest the whole time

Donna Maree: This entire argument can be settled, guys! Don't you see that? Ray simply has to produce the UNEDITED footage. Every theist here seems a little afraid of that.......why?

Donna Maree: Well there is nothing stopping us from hunting down the unedited footage, is there…Why don't we do it and produce it ourselves, seeing as Ray insists on lying?.

Steve MacAulay: You remind me a lot of Stalin and the days of oppressive communism, only releasing the information that will aid in the control of people rather than aid in their enlightenment.

Lori Anne Lyons: Ray, you're acting like a child: "Oh yeah?? It's MY toy, you can't MAKE ME!!" It's not cute, Ray.

Dave Muscato: "I challenge you to release your UNEDITED, full-length interview with PZ Myers and the other experts you talked to. Dawkins has done this on many occasions for his videos."

Comfort said, "They are worried, and they've got a right to be. 'Evolution vs. God' shows that there's no evidence for Darwinian evolution -- that it rests on nothing but blind faith. So they are hoping to find some 'silver bullet' in what wasn't used that will discredit the movie. They know that millions are going to end up seeing evolutionary scientists from USC and UCLA gasping like fish out of water, as they try to think of scientific evidence for Darwinian evolution."

One atheist said, "If you want evidence for evolution just check the cutting room floor."

Comfort tweeted back: "American Atheists, Inc. Want to see all the interview footage? Let's go on TV. Convince me with a good reason to, and I will release it."

In the first 40 hours more than 61,000 people viewed the movie on YouTube and more than 5,000 have left comments, many of them scathing. "We will stay with what we have been saying from the beginning -- if you believe in evolution, prepare to have your faith shaken."

Interviews may be obtained by contacting Jen Thompson at: jthompson@livingwaters.com or www.EvolutionVsGod.com "Media."