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Hillary Uncensored: A New Documentary Film

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MEDIA ADVISORY, Dec. 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- Hillary Uncensored, a new documentary film, available at WorldNetDaily, is about Hillary Clinton's largest donor, Peter Paul, who hosted and paid for a $1.6 million star-studded gala for Hillary's Senate campaign. The event became the focus of an FEC investigation where it was found that Clinton's campaign under-reported contributions.

Peter Paul is available for interviews.

Hillary Uncensored, chronicles Hillary Clinton's political life using exclusive home videos, photos, letters, legal filings and expert witnesses. A 13-minute unedited trailer for the documentary became a viral Internet phenomenon when posted on a private Google site on October 7, 2007. The next day, it became the #1 ranked video viewed on Google. On October 25 it was listed on Google's Top 100 videos around the world and has been viewed by more than 3 million users of Google and YouTube.

This new documentary:

·         Reveals the most pervasive obstruction of justice and cover-up of misconduct since Richard Nixon's Watergate.


·         Uses public documents to show how Hillary Clinton used her husband and President of the U.S., the Chairman of the DNC, a White House staff assistant, a former strip club owner and her national campaign finance director, as her agents to illegally solicit and coordinate more than $1.2 million from her largest donor, Peter Paul.


·         Presents questions about the FEC's role in enabling Hillary Clinton to avoid admitting she made false statements to the Washington Post -- that she took no money from Peter Paul for her campaign -- when her own fourth FEC report admitted she took twice as much from Paul than any other reported donor in 2000. Hillary's campaign filed a fourth false FEC report on January 30, 2006, as part of a settlement and FEC fine for her Treasurer's prior three false reports (which hid Paul's donations); by not blocking this fourth false report, the FEC allowed Hillary's campaign to contradict the evidence presented by the FBI and Department of Justice Office of Public Integrity in the May 2005 trial of her finance Director David Rosen -- that Peter Paul personally contributed more than $1.1 million to Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign.


·         Says that this false report enabled Hillary Clinton's re-election to the Senate without addressing the proof of the false statements she made about Paul to assure her first election.

For more information go to: http://WND.com