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Can the Question of Gender Accurately be Answered Today?
Dr. Abigail Favale explores the meaning of gender as seen through the Catholic Church

Carmel Communications
June 14, 2022

SAN FRANCISCO, June 14, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ -- Not a day passes in today's culture that the news doesn't include some version of a gender theory story, whether it's schools pushing inappropriate books on kids or drag shows geared for children or viral videos on the definition of a woman (or the lack thereof). Who we are as men and women has never been more pressing or misunderstood, and sorting through this topic is no easy task. Catholic convert and former liberal feminist professor Dr. Abigail Favale tackles the delicate questions surrounding this controversial topic in her new book, THE GENESIS OF GENDER: A CHRISIAN THEORY (Ignatius Press).

Tracing the destruction of gender through the proliferation of contraception, the early feminists, Margaret Sanger and the skyrocketing increase of gender transition treatment on teenagers from a former gender theory professor's perspective, Favale weaves a thorough response to today's cultural view of male and females.

By taking an intellectually honest, respectful and faithfully Catholic view in THE GENESIS OF GENDER, Favale delivers a solid history of how culture has come to this point in history of erasing male and females all together while approaching the topic in a loving way. This book is not merely an exposé — it is also a powerful, moving articulation of a Christian understanding of reality: a holistic paradigm that proclaims the dignity of the body, the sacramental meaning of sexual difference and the interconnectedness of all creation. THE GENESIS OF GENDER is a vital, timely resource for anyone seeking to better understand the gender paradigm — and how to live beyond it.

"Wielding the magic of her gifted pen, Abigail Favale has written a treasure that culls deep philosophical insight from her riveting intellectual and spiritual journey," said Erika Bachiochi, author of The Rights of Women: Reclaiming a Lost Vision. "Before her conversion to Catholicism, Favale spent years teaching just those postmodern philosophers and literary figures that have turned the Western world upside down. Like a postmodern Saul of Tarsus, she was knocked off her Foucauldian horse for the good of us all: so that, wise to the ways of the world, she could speak the truth in love to our times."

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