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Bill O'Reilly Wrong; Murdering the Unborn by Abortion, at Any Stage of Development, is Never 'Legal' Because Such Murder Violates the Law of God

Contact: John Lofton, Communications Director, Institute On The Constitution, 410-760-8885, JLof@aol.com

PASADENA, Maryland, June 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Recovering Republican" John Lofton, Editor of TheAmericanView.com web site, and Communications Director for "Institute On The Constitution," has issued the following statement:

"Bill O'Reilly has repeatedly asserted that the tens of thousands of abortions committed by George Tiller -- including so-called "late term" abortions -- were "legal." He has also said that unborn babies are "potential life." Both of these statements are wrong, egregiously and dangerously wrong, particularly from someone who purports to be a Christian, as O'Reilly does.

Tiller's killing by abortion of innocent human beings, in their earliest stage of development, was mass murder. Murder can never be "legal" because God's Law prohibits it. Thus, none of Tiller's abortions were "legal."

To those who say Tiller's mass murders were "legal" because abortion has been made "legal" by various "laws" and/or court rulings, this assertion is also false. Man-made "laws" that contradict God's Law are not law. This is the teaching of the Bible, St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, William Blackstone and Dr. Martin Luther King. As King noted in his 1963 "Letter From Birmingham Jail":

"[There are] two types of laws: just and unjust...A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law...We should never forget that everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was 'legal.'"

This last point by Dr. King is an extremely important one. And I recommend to Mr. O'Reilly that he read "Hitler's Justice: The Courts Of The Third Reich" (Harvard University Press, 1991) by Ingo Muller. This book demonstrates, with a vengeance, how mass murder can happen when people believe that "law" is whatever a legislature or a court says it is.

Finally, Mr. O'Reilly has said, when asked if he agreed that abortion is the ending of a life: "You know, it's not my job to get involved with semantics. I always say because it's irrefutable it's the ending of a potential life." But, again, Mr. O'Reilly is wrong. All unborn babies, from the moment of conception are "alive" not merely "potentially alive," words that when put together are gibberish.

Bill O'Reilly has said: "It's my job to look out for everybody, including viable fetuses. That's my job. That's what we do here." But, why just "viable fetuses," sir? Why not all fetuses since all fetuses are innocent human life and all abortions are murder.

As for Mr. O'Reilly saying, as he once did, I saw him say this: "The Constitution does give an American a right to an abortion," I have no idea what makes him think this since such a "right" is not in the U.S. Constitution.

I fear for our fetuses if the guardians of our fetuses are no more knowledgeable on the abortion topic than is Bill O'Reilly.

For an interview with John Lofton, contact him at: JLof@aol.com. Or call him at 410-760-8885. And yes, Mr. O'Reilly, I would certainly like to discuss this subject with you on your program.