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Conflicting Opinions about Abortion from Christian Clergy Confusing Young Women at their Moment of Decision
Contact:  B. Keith Neely, 416 464-0445, bkeithneely@hotmail.com
TORONTO, Oct. 24, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- We read of priests, clergy, physicians and politicians, using their authority to give conflicting views on what "their faith" says about abortion. But women want to know what Jesus actually says and ask if He has a better plan? A new article for free distribution says we can have a crystal clear picture of Jesus' loving view of women with an unwanted pregnancy in a hostile setting.
Pro-life filmmaker B. Keith Neely, as he reviewed the stories, sometimes including rape, of more than 100 post abortion women, wondered: Would a loving Jesus be happy for a woman choosing an abortion rather than bearing the child conceived either because of incest or to satisfy the demands of a physically abusive pimp or partner? Neely committed to finding out what Jesus thinks by reading the Bible from beginning to end. He found ten principles that clarify Jesus' mind and heart on this issue.
Neely shares that his first somber inclination that God may very well be angry with abortion came while watching the Ray Vander Laan video series, "That The World May Know". Vander Laan points out that God was extremely angry with His chosen people as they started sacrificing their own children to idols on flame engulfed altars, rather than trust God for their future.
The article also gives comfort to the post abortion woman and does not condemn her.
Get more information by contacting: Ken Godevenos, President, SCA/Gracestream, (distribution) 1-844-824-7223. B. Keith Neely, producer and article author can be reached at: 416 464-0445, bkeithneely@hotmail.com