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Israeli Permit for Gay March in Religious Neighborhoods in Jerusalem Causes Worldwide Orthodox Uproar

Contact: Isaac Caller, 732-901-6176

MEDIA ADVISORY, July 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Isaac & Shlomo Diamond:

Rabbis of the large Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem have strongly objected to a proposed "Gay Pride March" that has been scheduled, and approved by the Israeli authorities, to pass directly through their neighborhoods. They have penned a petition that has been signed by the residents of these neighborhoods, pleading to cancel the march. Lawyers representing the Orthodox Jews have presented the petition to the police and Israeli Courts. The petitioners urge the authorities not to expose their pure children, who were raised with age-old family values in a sheltered, religious environment, to the immorality which the bible cites as the cause of the great flood in the days of Noah.

After the police and courts ignored the pleas of the religious Jews, it was decided by leading family values organizations, who feel that the sanctity of Jerusalem must not be destroyed, to do everything possible to stop this march. The blatant disregard for the sensitivities of the religious has been described as religious discrimination.

Rabbi Moshe Shternbuch, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, addressed the Orthodox community in New Jersey in regards to this issue. He stressed the importance of helping Jewish places throughout the world, and especially the holy city of Jerusalem, remain holy. Activists from the Orthodox lobbying group Agudath Israel met on Wednesday in Washington to discuss this and other religious issues.

An Orthodox, pro-family rally is scheduled in Jerusalem to counteract the Gay parade. Many Jerusalem Rabbis and thousands of Orthodox Jews are expected to participate.

Rabbis have reminded Israel that promoting the gay agenda has been the cause of much of the tribulations faced by Israel. If they continue supporting this agenda, it may cause more future difficulties.