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GRTL PAC Issues Endorsement for Governor

Contact: Dan Becker, The Georgia Right to Life Political Action Committee, 770-667-3777

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga., June 3 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Georgia Right to Life Political Action Committee (GRTL PAC) holds political candidates in this state to a very high standard in order to receive the pro-life endorsement. "We live in the 21st century", says Melanie Crozier, Political Director for Georgia Right to Life, "where new biomedical advances bring new challenges that necessitate a new pro-life paradigm. We must protect all human life." GRTL PAC's policy has proven to be a success for Georgia legislation that protects all innocent human life from the earliest moments of biological development to the natural end of life. Currently, Georgia is numbered eighth in the nation, by Americans United for Life, in passing pro-life laws.

Presently, of the six leading Republican candidates for Governor, five of the six are endorsed by the GRTL PAC. "There is one candidate though, who does not merit GRTL's endorsement, and that is Karen Handel." says Crozier. "Ms. Handel proclaims herself pro-life; however, she does not meet the 21st century demands of being pro-life." says Dan Becker, President of GRTL.

"For instance, Handel believes that a child may be aborted based on its manner of conception. When I asked her directly her thoughts on the value of embryos, she answered that she does not believe that an embryonic human is a child."

Based on Ms. Handel's own statements, she does not meet the GRTL PAC's criteria and will not be endorsed in this primary election or the November election, without a change in her positions.

The PAC urges all Republicans to vote for Life in the July 20th primary by voting for one of the five GRTL PAC-endorsed candidates: Jeff Chapman, Nathan Deal, Eric Johnson, Ray McBerry or John Oxendine.

All candidates that were endorsed by GRTL PAC have signed the PAC affirmation statement which says that they agree with our position on the Personhood of all human beings from fertilization to natural death and the attendant need for a Personhood Amendment to our state Constitution.

They also affirm that there should be no exceptions in abortion law based solely on the manner in which a child is conceived, that there should be restrictions on destructive in-vitro fertilization (IVF) practices that women should not be coerced into having an abortion, and that abortions based on race and gender should be outlawed in our state. These five candidates are solidly behind GRTL's pro-life agenda for legislation that restores effective, legal protection to all "persons" under Georgia's State Constitution.