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LGBT Domestic Terrorist Attacks on Christians

Is the Worldwide Christian Holocaust Coming To America?

Contact: Frank Tomi, BibleStudySpace.Com, 315-944-8379 

ELBRIDGE, N.Y., Sept. 14, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Open Doors USA President Carl Moeller Leaves Persecution Watchdog Ministry, Moeller told The Christian Post. "In my mind today, the picture I have is a church in a diabetic coma that has gorged itself on the sweets of affluence, materialism, and the idolatry of worshipping the materialistic world. That diabetic coma is now life threatening. We as a church are at the point of death -- not the church in the Middle East. We are the ones who can no longer rouse ourselves to even pray for an hour on behalf of things that God would have us pray for."

The members at BibleStudySpace, knows about the Christian diabetic coma church in America. BibleStudySpace.Com is a Christian social network with a purpose, to create awareness about the Christian persecution and holocaust taking place around the world. The silent holocaust of Christians is not reported by Fox, CNN, NBC or other secular news media. The war on Christianity is ignored by Republican and Democrat political leaders, and the entertainment industry has been running a propaganda war against Christians for years.

The CNN, MSNBC Secular Media is promoting terrorist attacks against Christians

Maybe the Floyd Corkins assassination attempt on Tony Perkins will wake up the Christian Church in the nation? When will CNN, MSNBC and other secular networks stop giving the LGBT leaders a platform to preach their hate speech and violence towards Christians. Their has been thousands of threatening messages and acts of violence against Christians. It is only a matter of time before another LGBT gay activist like Floyd Corkins, sets out to shoot up a Chick Fil A or Christian Church. Thanks to the Left wing agenda of the White House, Democrats, CNN, MSNBC and other secular networks

LGBT Gay activist Bradley Balof, a Chicago public school teacher incites a crowd of gay men to hurl expletives at Christians. Do we have gay activist teachers promoting hate speech towards Christian children in our schools. Pro-homosexual activists attacked the Christian Liberty Academy throwing two large, concrete brick pavers through its glass doors. Gay publications, gay newspapers and gay bars are hotbeds of anti-Christian hate speech and they encourage to violence against Christians.

The Propaganda War Against Bible Believing Christians

It took CNN two hours and 45 minutes before mentioning the shooting. MSNBC Chris Matthews said," No one died, thanks to the security guard who subdued the intruder and took a bullet in the process. ABC was the only broadcast network that offered a full story on the FRC office shooting on Wednesday. On NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams gave the story just 17 seconds. On CBS Evening News, substitute anchor Bob Schieffer offered 20 seconds.

The purpose of this article is to call for preparation, not by hoarding food and supplies, but preparation of the heart, mind and spirit that we may be able to stand in our faith. I hope Christians are not waiting for the Fox News Republicans or Left wing Democrats to save them. Forget about the CNN, MSNBC, news media, they are promoting the LGBT Domestic Terrorists hate agenda. Do you think the Christian diabetic coma church in america will stop them? Like Carl Moeller said, " We are the ones who can no longer rouse ourselves to even pray for an hour on behalf of things that God."

What can we do, to stop the Christian Holocaust around the world? Christian must do everything in love, like the Bible tell us. Thousands of gays are also killed around the world, because of so called Christians who hate and kill them. When we pray, we are telling God what we need. But we need to act and God will act on Our Behalf.  Contact the FBI, tell them to investigate LGBT Domestic Terrorists. We must also pray and act to stop the Christian persecution and holocaust taking place around the world.