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Santorum Beats Romney in a Landslide: New National Straw Poll Results

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WASHINGTON, Jan. 11, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- In a national straw poll open to anybody with an opinion and advertised to our supporters, The Pray In Jesus Name Project commissioned a Free Straw Poll from 3 to 10 Jan 2012.

We asked our constituents who pray "in Jesus' name" in all 50 states to select who deserves to win the GOP Presidential nomination. The vote ended, and our voters spoke loud and clear.

The full vote results are displayed here: prayinjesusname.org/blog_post/show/77

A few surprises can be noted in the voting results:

Rick Santorum is the clear winner of Christian voters nationwide, receiving nearly double the number of votes of any other candidate with 41%.

Newt Gingrich came in an honorable second place with 22%.

Mitt Romney came in dead last of the six major candidates who remain with just 3%.

Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt of The Pray In Jesus Name Project analyzed:

"This vote reveals a clear preference for Rick Santorum by Christian voters nationwide, and the results personally surprised me. I honestly believed Newt or Rick Perry would win my straw poll, although I never endorsed them or any candidate.

"Neither had I written favorably about Rick Santorum, except to rarely quote him months ago, but it now appears a real consensus is building behind Santorum's candidacy, especially among people who pray 'in Jesus' name.'

"In the weeks ahead I would not be surprised to see Santorum emerge from South Carolina as the favorite candidate of Christian voters, going into Florida and then Super Tuesday across America, with Newt Gingrich a close second, and nobody else close.

"The least favorite candidate of Christian voters is Mitt Romney, probably because of his history of pro-abortion and pro-homosexual advocacy, which Mitt cannot erase from the truth of history."

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Then view the full results of our Free Straw Poll by selecting here: prayinjesusname.org/blog_post/show/77

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