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Churches for Life Now Offering a Comprehensive Life Team Tool Box

Contact: Pastor Doug Merkey, President, Churches for Life, 314-267-4238, doug@getintolife.org

ST. LOUIS. Mo., Jan. 27, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- For the first time, Christian churches now have access to a suite of field-proven tools that enable local churches to establish a team of people (Life Team) capable of equipping the church leaders and members to be gospel-centered champions of life. The Churches for Life (CFL) unique, thriving model is anchored by establishing and actively supporting effective Life Teams that in turn help their local church be effective champions of the sanctity of all human life in their community.

Pastor Doug Merkey, president of Churches for Life, commented, "...the Life Team Tool Box is based on the effective training of over 600 Life Team members across the country and includes an assortment of tools ranging from introducing the Life Team concept to training someone to be an effective leader of the Life Team." Each Tool Box contains the four essential elements for comprehensive Life Team training.

  • Life team Introduction and Roadmap: Explains what a gospel-driven Life Team is, and how to build one using Tools 1-4 in CFL's Life Team Tool Box
  • Life Team Leader Training: Equips the Life Team Leader(s) to lead the Team
  • Life Team 101: Equips Life Team Members (including the Leader) in Team and ministry basics for the life arena.
  • Resource Disc: Contains PDFs, videos, and templates needed throughout the Team-building journey.

The training accomplished through the Tool Box includes certification by CFL. This involves each Life Team member taking an open-syllabus, on line assessment that crystallizes concepts, and increases confidence and credibility to serve.

God has equipped CFL to help local churches grow as a holistic, gospel-driven champion of life. We do that within a long-term trust relationship that includes:

  • Establishing a gospel-driven Life Team within the local church that can equip their church to carefully champion life.
  • Encouraging pastors and other local church leaders to provide high-level championing and courageous oversight of their Life Team.
  • Equipping life-affirming agencies to partner with local churches through established Life Teams in a healthy, reciprocal relationship.

For more information: Contact Carol Fouse, CFL Ministry Assistant at email: carol@getintolife.org, or visit the CFL website www.getintolife.org.