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How Do You Save a Nation from Itself -- Powerful Film Provides Answer
Moms for America Urges Voters to View "Leaders for Life," Featuring Interviews with MFA Board Member, Sam Sorbo, and Husband, Actor Kevin Sorbo

Moms for America®
Oct. 21, 2020

WASHINGTON, Oct. 21, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- Kimberly Fletcher, a mother of eight, and founder and president of Moms for America®, (www.MomsforAmerica.us), a national movement calling on moms to restore values such as motherhood, marriage, womanhood and patriotism, urges everyone to view the powerful new documentary, "Leaders for Life." (www.LeadersforLifeFilm.com)

"Not only does this film clearly outline the spiritual battle raging in our society today," says Kimberly Fletcher, "but, most importantly, it shows us where the answer lies."

The film "vividly exposes the spiritual warfare that is occurring in a manner never seen before," according to the film's synopsis. View the short movie trailer

"Leaders for Life" proves how our society's rampant disrespect for human life has brought us to the social unrest we see today, underscoring how important it is to protect our basic Right to Life, enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

"With the recent presidential nomination of pro-life nominee Amy Coney Barrett for the SCOTUS opening after the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, this is a crucial time in our country to share the film's message," says Fletcher. "America's families and children will thrive or crash—now and in decades to come—based on what actions we take. Who we vote into office on Election Day will in large part determine how our kids will grow up. The future of America is at stake and we need to give our kids a chance."

Featuring powerful and notable people of faith, the film is directed toward Christians—especially moms and pastors. The film's synopsis states, "This film clearly conveys one of the most vitally important biblical messages known to mankind: Take no part of unfruitful works of darkness, but expose them."

The movie's trailer poses the poignant question "How do you save a nation from itself?" The answer is that that if people don't value life, they will get violent; if they forsake the value of human life, violence is inevitable.

Sam and Kevin Sorbo, and producer, Frank Panico, have made a special invitation (https://youtu.be/oSqg64LpX6c) for any organization that wants to feature the movie on their websites. It's completely free to all who will spend the time to help a save a nation from itself.

For more information on Moms for America, visit www.MomsforAmerica.us, its Facebook page or follow on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest.

SOURCE Moms for America®

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