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Halloween Alert: 'I Can Talk to the Dead' Experts Dupe Millions

Best-selling author warns the public of perils of seeking to communicate with deceased loved ones on October 31

Contact: Steve Wohlberg, 559-977-9744, steve@whitehorsemedia.com

MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct. 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- In the wake of Clint Eastwood's newest film "Hereafter" about a reluctant psychic (Matt Damon) able to dialogue with the deceased, Halloween 2010 again offers internationally-recognized spirit mediums Derek Acorah, Tony Stockwell, Alison Dubois, Sylvia Browne, and John Edward another opportunity to contact the 'Other Side' before spellbound audiences in person, or on TV. On October 31, James Van Praagh will attempt to conjure spirits in The Orleans Showroom in Las Vegas, while in Toronto five celebrated spirit mediums will conduct a "one night only" Ghostly Halloween Séance at the famous Haunted Hart House. Is spirit communication really possible? Could your dead grandma make an appearance? 

"Not a chance," warns bestselling author of 24 books Steve Wohlberg whose fascinating book, Demons in Disguise: The Danger of Talking to the Dead (Destiny Image, 2007) keeps fanning controversial waves.

"I realize how painful the death of a loved one can be," Wohlberg clarifies, "yet seeking solace from a dead relative is fraught with risks. Lying spirits also exist 'beyond the veil.'" 

A biblical expert with B.A. and M-Div Degrees in theology, Wohlberg demonstrates conclusively that Hollywood's glorification of necromancy may be popular, but the practice is strictly forbidden in the Bible (see Deut. 18:11); and for good reason. "Deceptive ghosts can easily impersonate dead loved ones," Wohlberg warns. With penetrating insight, his eye-opening book not only provides sensible answers to the perplexing question of what lies "beyond death's door," but also offers tender comfort and solid hope of a future reunion with deceased relatives and friends.

Master writer Steve Wohlberg had done it again! - Dave MacPherson, Author of The Incredible Cover Up

Steve Wohlberg hits the nail on the head. - Dr. Rus D. Jeffrey, Author of Frame by Frame: A Family Friendly Guide to the Movies

Steve Wohlberg does a commendable job revealing the hidden dynamics of deception. - Tal Brooke, President, Spiritual Counterfeit Project

Steve Wohlberg is the speaker/director of White Horse Media and hosts the Sword of the Spirit television series. Author of 24 books, he's been a guest on over 500 radio and television shows, has appeared in three History Channel documentaries (Secrets of the Seven Seals; Armageddon Battle Plan; Strange Rituals), and has spoken by special invitation inside the Pentagon and U.S. Senate. 

For more information, visit www.avoidthedead.com