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Author Encourages Purity and Abstinence in Young People

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MEDIA ADVISORY, Dec. 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- After only four months of marriage, Marj Hickey lost the battle against cancer at the young age of 21. Now thirty years later, her husband, Craig, uses his story of love and loss to encourage absolute purity and abstinence in teenagers and young adults.

A Walk with God to Remember is more than a love story. It reaches into each person’s heart, giving real-life examples of the struggles we all face on a daily basis. Craig and Marj’s story almost seems like a fairy tale, but the convictions between the couple were sincere and left Craig with a lasting faith that carried him through the loss of the person he loved most.

Before Craig and Marj began their courtship, he recalls making the decision of abstinence, and seeking to be pure in his thoughts toward women. His friends thought he was out of his mind, but Marj noticed something different. She shared those same convictions, and the two soon began to draw close. After a time of courtship, they joined together in the bonds of marriage.

As Marj’s cancer became terminal, she expressed her concern to Craig about his own faith. Before her death, she pointedly asked him, “Craig, I know you really believe God has brought us together. So tell me what would it do to your faith if I died not long after we were married? I am afraid you might doubt God or curse him. Or worse yet, that you might just give up the faith!” It was her persistence in making Craig face these realities that helped him face her death. Craig’s recording of their courtship and short lived marriage provides Christian insight into several touching areas.

Today, Craig shares his full testimony of courtship, purity, love, and loss to young adults in colleges and churches. He gives guidance on avoiding the pitfalls common to man, and how to first develop the eternal love that bonds two people on a marriage.

A Walk with God to Remember can be purchased by calling toll free 1-877-421-7323.