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Anti-contraception Group Blasts 'REAL' Sex Ed Bill

Contact: Ruben Obregon, President, No Room for Contraception, 646-652-6686

NEW YORK, Mar. 23 /Christian Newswire/ -- The No Room for Contraception Campaign released the following statement today regarding the "Responsible Education About Life" Act, introduced by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ).

"Comprehensive Sexuality Education programs may have an innocuous name, but in reality these programs are not in the best interests of our youth. The programs are comprised of an aggressive agenda designed to influence the values and morals of our culture's children in favor of risky sexual behaviors" said Ruben Obregon, president of the campaign.

Obregon continued "Abstinence plus programs do include minimal information on abstinence, but it's buried in the numerous political, social, and moral values infused in these programs. The 'pluses' of these programs include advocacy of respecting the many different sexual values of society including homosexuality, abortion, and contraceptive use." Obregon further stated "The controversy between abstinence-only and comprehensive sexuality programs boils down to whose set of values will be taught to kids. For all of the protests from abortion advocates about the imposition of values and morals on society, they are certainly trying to push their sexual values and morals on children via the REAL act."

"These programs are anything but comprehensive. Missing from many of these programs is accurate information on contraceptive failure rates as well as the health risks of the different methods, most notably the risks associated with hormonal contraceptives. Missing is the fact that teens who engage in pre-marital sex have higher incidence of suicide and depression. Some programs, such as the SIECUS 'Guidelines', claim that abortion is only performed after 24 weeks to save the life of the mother, which is medically and legally inaccurate. The claim that the programs promoted by the REAL act are complete and medically accurate is a myth that has been perpetuated for some time now."

"An unequivocal message needs to be sent to our youth, that abstinence is the only healthy choice for them. If it truly is better for teens to be abstinent, then that message must be vigorously emphasized, something that the REAL act fails to do."

To help educate the public on this important issue, the campaign has launched the website www.Comprehensive-Sex-Ed.com  

No Room for Contraception is a campaign to expose the potential problems of contraception on marriage, society and women's health. The campaign's website is located at www.NoRoomforContraception.com