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Texas State University Professor Protects Student from Arrest After He Destroyed Anti-Abortion Display

Contact: Dr. Daryl Rodriguez, President, Love of Truth Ministries, 210-867-7268, daryl@loveoftruthministries.com

SPRING BRANCH, Texas, April 21, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- "The Police are going to come and arrest you!" exclaimed a Texas State University faculty member to the student who recently destroyed several signs of the anti-abortion group Love of Truth Ministries. On the afternoon of April 3rd, the TSU student, Ian Ramos encountered our team with signs in the Quad. The Quad is the part of the designated free speech area of campus.  Outraged by the pictures of aborted babies, he went on a tirade. Watch below! The video was originally taken and tweeted by student Emma Brockway at the time of the incident. The first video below has been reposted on createdequalfilms (YouTube).

The video shows the pro-abortion student punching, kicking, and throwing A-frame signs depicting aborted fetuses. These signs were put in place for Love of Truth Ministries' "Justice Project." While tearing down the display, he insults one of our volunteers (Marion Thompson, depicted in the video) by yelling obscenities at him. 

In a new development, a new video (see below) depicts a TSU faculty member (tentatively identified as Olga Stadelmann Gerhart coddling the student and rushing him away from the scene of the crime. Before taking Mr. Ramos away, she notified him that the police would be coming to arrest him.  See video below.

According to a report by The Daily Caller, Ramos demonstrated his unapologetic attitude about the incident, exclaiming "I engaged my rage." Ramos, who ironically is studying "non-violent social resistance" at the university, also stated, "I hope I was able to inspire a few of you all out there."

We hold the position that Ramos needs to be held accountable for his actions. We intend on pressing charges and are fighting for legal justice. We are also pressing for academic consequences sanctioned against Ramos for his breaking of student code of conduct at TSU. In addition, we believe the faculty member should also be investigated and will be pushing for some measure of consequential action.

Love of Truth Ministries conducts many similar anti-abortion outreaches on public colleges and universities in Texas. Our "Justice Project" is a lawful expression of our First Amendment rights.

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