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As Internet Freedom Fades, Is it Time to Take Your Data Abroad?
Contact: Tammy Boron, PrivacyAbroad , +41 76 297 6443, PR@privacyabroad.com
BERN, Switzerland, July 2, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Is it time to move your data to safer ground? PrivacyAbroad, located in the landlocked country of Switzerland, is an advocate for Internet freedom helping people regain their online privacy and restore their 4th Amendment rights. As Switzerland sits amongst an angry EU with the US over alleged spying, its political stability, tradition of confidentiality and strong data protection laws makes the country an international data safe house.
PrivacyAbroad, GmbH, a Christian owned marketing company, committed to operating with Biblical principles, has been created to offer solutions against growing attacks on American's Internet freedoms. Recently brought to light, the classified program known as PRISM has signed on Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube and Apple giving access to your emails, videos, photos, search histories and more to this NSA program. As law abiding citizens face increasingly aggressive cyberattacks by spies, hackers and trackers bent on destroying internet freedom and privacy rights, people are at a crossroads as to what to do from here.
Founded in 2013 by an American Expat, PrivacyAbroad is a marketing company providing a full range of Internet privacy services for homes and businesses throughout the United States. Partnered with Switzerland's established leaders in Internet protection, their providers have given PrivacyAbroad exclusive marketing rights to offer secure data services to the U.S. Known for exact standards and quality control, services include a morally based Secure Email, Virtual Private Network (VPN) and a one-of-a-kind Swiss DigitalSafe, a personal Swiss Safe for all online data. In addition to their services, they offer a unique consultant opportunity for like-minded people to share these essential solutions, helping others regain their Internet privacy while building their own business.
"The key to our services is the fact that our servers are located in Switzerland. As such, they are not subject to U.S. laws, such as the Patriot Act, that allows surveillance and collection of personal data," says Public Relations Coordinator, Tammy Boron. Governed by Switzerland's strict Constitution and data laws, coupled with high encryption levels, an individual's right to data protection is assured and protected by the Swiss Federal Electronic Data Privacy Law. "Today, we are facing the most blatant attacks against our personal freedoms than ever before. We sincerely believe we must take a stand now in order to regain them before it's too late." Ms. Boron goes on to say, "Sadly, we have heard people say they have nothing to hide and don't care if their privacy is violated. But they are missing the point. As an American, it's about standing up for your fundamental right to privacy as a law abiding citizen, as guaranteed by the Constitution." Whether it's looking for a secure encrypted email, anonymous browsing or a safe place to store usernames, passwords and important personal documents, PrivacyAbroad is committed to helping people regain their Internet privacy and rewarding them in the process by sharing these solutions with others. For more information visit www.privacyabroad.com.
About PrivacyAbroad:
PrivacyAbroad, GmbH is a leading innovator of Internet privacy services. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Bern, Switzerland, the company specializes in marketing secure and reliable Internet privacy services for homes and businesses throughout the United States. Helping clients regain their online privacy by providing services based in Switzerland for Secure Email, Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Digital Safe needs.