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HillaryXFiles.com Leads Efforts to Release Clinton Secret Files

Contact: Bob Sturm, 703-396-6974; After 6 PM Eastern, Vi Shields or Bob Sturm, 703-906-6542, 703-368-1812


MANASSAS, Va., Jan. 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- A new website, HillaryXFiles.com, will lead the charge for the release of the Clinton Secret Files--the files about Hillary Clinton's involvement in White House affairs that President Bill Clinton has refused to let the public see.


The site features a petition demanding that the files be released "so that voters will have the information they need to make critical decisions about this country's future." The petition is addressed to the National Archives, the White House, both Clintons, and the Democratic National Committee.


Other features on HillaryXFiles.com include a poll of visitors, links to dozens of news articles and commentaries on the Clinton files, and an opportunity to sign up for updates on possible legal action.


It also includes information on related issues, including the Clintons' Arkansas files, the secret donations to the Clinton Library, Hillary's formerly secret college thesis, the case of former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger (sometimes called "Sandy Burglar"), and the Clintons' history of scandal and cover-up.


The website is a project of Richard A. Viguerie, author of Conservatives Betrayed: How George W. Bush and Other Big Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause (Bonus Books, 2006).


"For too long, the Clintons have been able to keep the public in the dark about the most important aspects of their presidency," Viguerie said. "If they're running based on Hillary's record in the White House, the people have a right to know what that record is. HillaryXFiles.com will help make sure that those files are opened before it's too late."


Last week, another Viguerie website, www.UltimateRonPaul.com, opened with 10,000 visitors in just the first 24 hours.


Richard A. Viguerie pioneered ideological and political direct mail and has been called "the funding father of the conservative movement" for his role in helping build dozens of conservative organizations. He is the author of Conservatives Betrayed--How George W. Bush and Other Big-Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause (Bonus Books, 2006).