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After Infidelity and Domestic Abuse Severs a Marriage, One Woman Finds Purpose in Her Pain
Contact: Kate Myers, 360-226-3488
ENUMCLAW, Wash., Aug. 1, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- At least 60 percent of married couples will experience infidelity in their marriages, according to Dr. Willard F. Harley Jr., a licensed Minnesota psychologist. One woman who has personally experienced both her husband's infidelity and a subsequent divorce, but found purpose in her pain, is Bekah T. Baker, mom, life coach, author, and speaker.
In a new release, Built to Break (Redemption Press), Baker candidly shares her tumultuous journey. "This is my story--the real, raw, redemptive, heartbreaking, beautiful, shattering, painful, joyful story." She endured years of manipulation, emotional abuse, and infidelity that took its toll on her mental and physical health before escaping the pit of perfectionism and people pleasing to gain freedom.
The Northwest mother of four, a voice and advocate for women facing difficult transitions, tells how she finally took ownership of her life and found healing and peace in Christ after discovering her husband's infidelities.
Baker says, "It's not about what my husband did to me. It's about what God did in me. I'm broken. You're broken. We all are." Baker says she finally realized, "Our authentic life begins the moment we embrace both our brokenness and our inability to fix it on our own. Only then can we be beautifully put back together so much better than before." Baker says, "We were built to break." She uses the metaphor of the Japanese art form kitsukuroi, in which gold is used to repair and showcase the cracks, to remind us our flaws and broken places are "shining scars filled with the gold of God's grace."
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