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Let Your Child Meet Imma -- The Girl Who Knew Jesus

New book helps 8+ with the struggles - and victory - of faith in Christ

Throwbox Innovation Studios
June 5, 2019

LUTON, England, June 5, 2019 -- /Christian Newswire/ -- A new book "Jesus and Me: One Child's Friendship with the Son of God" help young readers experience Jesus though the life of another child.

Imma, an eight-year-old girl lives near Jerusalem, in 32AD. In a setting of Roman occupation, and Jewish hope for a warrior Messiah, she meets Rabbi Jesus and finds He is NOT the Messiah she expects! Will she still come to faith in Him?

"Jesus and Me re-grounds the 'superhero saturated' young reader in a realistic journey of faith with a relatable child who builds a friendship with Jesus - a man she yearns to follow - but who frustrates her by refusing to change the world according to her demands," says Joshua. "This resonates with those children today who love Jesus but who are fighting to come to faith in an imperfect world."

You'll join Imma as she - interrupts - the parable of the Good Samaritan, witnesses what 'really' happened at the feeding of the five thousand, argues with Jesus about what a Messiah should do, and more.

The book contains carefully researched illustrations, a location map, Hebrew and Greek words, and Jewish children's games. It's Biblically respectful spiritual fiction designed to build young faith:

"It was fun, and touching, to see Jesus through Imma's eyes. I love the way Biblical truths and accurate historical details were woven into the story. A great way to teach kids about Jesus." -- Elizabeth Proske, author of "The Mission Field Series"

"I like that you've chosen a young female protagonist who is very knowledgeable about her religion. I'm pleased to see the role of women and girls in the Bible brought to the forefront."
-- Jeanette F. Chaplin, Grand Canyon Christian University

Release date: June 30th
Simultaneous digital and paper release.

About the Author
Joshua Cartwright wrote multiple self-help books until his wife insisted he write down their daughter's bedtime stories. He wrote "The Granny JJ Adventures" to stop her nagging, and now the Guyanese Government are planning to buy 3000 copies. Joshua now listens to his wife...and has written four children's books.

Digital resources (cover/Q&A etc) available at:

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