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Do You Support Target, Financially?

Know What You're Invested In

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MAITLAND, Fla., April 26, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Target has been the source of recent criticism following their announcement to allow men to enter women's restrooms and vice versa based on what gender they self-identify with—this is a problem, both ethically and in terms of safety.

The public outcry has been impressive, with one organization responding within days by establishing a public boycott and more than 700,000 individuals signing a boycott to not shop at Target.

It's always positive to see the American conscience respond when things are not the way they should be, but what is often overlooked is the huge revenues that companies like Target receive from the average investor. Target is a retail giant, a Fortune 500 company, and listed on the NYSE. This alone means that Target is wrapped into many portfolios, index funds, and mutual funds. Taking a stand against shopping at a company is only part of the way you can voice your opinion.

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