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Fox and Lifetime Actress Naima Imani Lett Bridging Hollywood with Faith

Media Contact: Nancy Manno, Messiah Media, 609-703-8111, nancy@messiahmedia.com

DALLAS, November 2 /Christian Newswire/ -- Fox and Lifetime actress Naima Imani Lett is all too familiar with the schism between Hollywood and Christianity.  Recognizing the need to bridge the gap, she has embarked on a mission to bring light to a place that many Christians frown upon by reaching out to actors and actresses with a unique style of relationship-based ministry that promises to change hearts in Hollywood.

"As Christians, why do we expect non-Christians to be Christ-like?" asks Lett, "The world is doing what they know to do--just as I did before God's presence in my life. God has called each of us to walk with Him wherever He plants us. It just so happens He's planted me with some of Hollywood's finest, so rather than judge them, I have chosen to build relationships and exemplify God's love.

"Christians are called to be light in the world," says Lett.  "For me as an actress, that means I am committed to portraying truth and telling stories that impact lives as well as give hope in an industry that can wear actors down very quickly. Can you imagine being judged every day based primarily on your physical attributes and how bankable those attributes are perceived to be? Or being overlooked for roles because you may not have the 'right' connections?" asks Lett. "Believe me, there is enough hurt, frustration and rejection for actors to experience without the body of Christ piling on more. I invite followers of the faith to join me in uplifting, encouraging and reaching out to as many artists as we possibly can."

Lett recently co-founded "Lett's Rise! Ministries" to create inspirational films, theatre and music that encourage, entertain and spur audiences toward truth and hope. First on the agenda was to create the "Lett's Rise! Starlet Award" intended to equip a young actress in need of financial support to obtain one of the most important tools necessary to begin an acting career--a professional headshot photo shoot inclusive of professional make up session and duplication ($500 value). Submissions are currently being accepted at www.LettsRise.com.

Lett is known for her recurring role of Jackie Ormond in Lifetime's original series "Inspector Mom." Lett's Jackie is a young "soccer-mom-with-a-secret" opposite Danica McKellar of "The Wonder Years" fame. The latest episode, "Rake Your Thieves," which reveals Jackie’s struggles, can be seen on the Lifetime Movie Network's website, http://inspectormom.lmn.tv/.  Lett will also begin filming her latest Lifetime project, "Queen Size", directed by award-winning television director Peter Levin on November 3rd. Naima plays Lucy Phillips, a passionate reporter who breaks the story about the discrimination being experienced by an overweight high school senior who is running for homecoming queen.

In addition to recent television roles on Fox's "Prison Break" and BBC America's "Wire in the Blood", Lett has been inspiring audiences across the nation with her one-woman play, "Shattered Silhouettes," a powerful and moving drama based on the stories of five women from the Bible--Eve, Jezebel, Leah, Tamar, and Mary--and how they deal with hope, tragedy, love, power, and abuse.

About Naima Imani Lett
Recently, Lett became the first graduate with a Masters degree in Media and Communications from Dallas Theological Seminary, and she speaks often to audiences about pursuing their dreams and getting started in the industry.

Since early childhood, Lett has captivated audiences with her talents and acting abilities. Her aspirations of becoming an actress led her to Howard University's Theatre Department in Washington, D.C. where she graduated summa cum laude, earning a bachelors degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Acting. Upon graduation, Lett further pursued her acting career at the Tony-award winning Crossroads Theatre and studied classical theater with the British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England. She has since written and performed several solo dramas in theaters, universities and conferences nationwide. To learn more about Naima Imani Lett, or to purchase Lett's popular one-woman play "Shattered Silhouettes" on DVD, please visit www.NaimaLett.com.

Media Contact:
Nancy Manno
Messiah Media