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Obama Part of the Way of Cain, Not a Christian, New Book Says

Contact: Robert Bowie Johnson, 410-757-4630, rbowiej@comcast.net

ANNAPOLIS, Md., Aug. 16, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Solving Light Books today announced the release of Robert Bowie Johnson's latest book, "Outing the Moronocracy: Ending the Rule of the Blind, the Stupid, and the Disgraceful in American Society." In it, the author spends two chapters presenting the evidence that Obama does not have a "Christian walk" as he has claimed, but rather a heavy-footed Cainite Marxist one.

While a Christian's faith is in Christ and God, Johnson points to the 2012 Prayer Breakfast wherein Obama, speaking without his teleprompter, confessed that his "faith," as he put it, is "in the idea that I am my brother's keeper and I am my sister's keeper," words never spoken by a prophet of God or apostle of Christ, words based only on Cain's duplicitous and sarcastic utterance rolled into a phony excuse to deflect attention from his lie about the whereabouts of his brother whom he had just murdered.

Johnson says that the modern political manifestation of the way of Cain is the atheist philosophy of Marxism, and he presents detailed evidence of Obama's Marxist-Leninist past; and most important, of Obama's determination not to renounce it, but rather to disguise it under a thin veil of sham Christianity. Mr. Johnson states that Obama, again and again, has revealed an abysmal ignorance of, and profound disrespect for Scripture: once for example, at a barbecue in 2010, trying to force the words of Cain into the mouth of Christ.

According to Johnson, the Obama regime is one of the six pillars of today's ruling Cainite Moronocracy. The others are Apostate Christendom, the National Academy of Sciences, Oprah Winfrey (representing the popular culture), Academia, and the Malleable Marxist Media. Each pillar of the Moronocracy, Johnson says, has abandoned God and Christ in favor of the depraved and unfruitful reasonings of Plato, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Joseph Campbell. "Alleging themselves to be wise, they are made stupid" (Romans 1:22).

All of Chapter One may be read at www.themoronocracy.com, along with excerpts from the others.