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New Book Urges the Pro-Life Movement to Make Christ-Centered Culture Change its Top Priority as Post-Christian Political Winds Grip Washington

Viability Publishing
Jan. 18, 2021

MEDIA ADVISORY, Jan. 18, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ -- In his newly published book titled Viability 2.0, veteran pro-life leader, author, and speaker Mike Fichter is urging the pro-life movement to make Christ-centered culture change its top priority. Subtitled "What The Pro-Life Movement Must Do To Win The Cultural Tipping Point," Viability 2.0 drills down on eight keys to winning the cultural tipping point on abortion while predicting one side of the abortion debate will win that tipping point by 2030.

"Once the cultural tipping point is reached, the battle is over for all practical purposes," says Fichter, who is the founder of the national pro-life outreach LoveX2 (pronounced Love Times Two). "The politics of the issue will always be downstream from the culture. Lose the culture, lose the war. It's a simple truth that is easy to ignore when political action gets positive results, but the radical changes coming to Washington are about to drive home reality."

"It's very important to understand that true culture change involves winning hearts and minds, and that can only be done in its truest extent through Christ," notes Fichter. "The pro-life movement is now squarely in the most important decade of its existence."

In Viability 2.0, Fichter details multiple factors elevating concern over America's cultural direction on life issues, including a two decades-long plunge in church attendance and a sharp rise in the religiously unaffiliated. Fichter also points to numerous reports indicating a dissolving respect for life, including a 2020 report from Arizona Christian University indicating fewer than four in ten Americans believe human life has any intrinsic, God-given value.

Fichter is not calling for pro-life disengagement at the political level, but for a realignment of priorities.

"The pro-life movement is rooted in the truth that every human life is valuable because every human life is created in the image of God," says Fichter. "As the church's impact lessens on the culture, so does this core teaching on the value of life. We dare not ignore the danger this presents to how we, as Americans, approach the dignity of each person, born or unborn. Making Christ-centered culture change the top-level priority is not an option, it is a must."

Fichter, who has served as a leader in the pro-life movement since 1991, is the author of four books and is the host of the LoveX2 podcast heard on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Fichter's newest book, Viability 2.0, is available now at www.mikefichter.org.

SOURCE Viability Publishing

CONTACT: Mike Fichter, 615-212-5559, mike@lovex2.org

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