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Vote Life, Canada! Calls on the Catholic Bishops of Canada to Join their Fellow US Bishops in Supporting the Nationwide 40 Days for Life Campaign Aimed at Ending Abortion

Contact: Eric Alcock, President, Vote Life, Canada!, 709-773-0700


MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Vote Life, Canada! is looking with great hope and anticipation at the intensive 40 Days for Life campaign which kicked off yesterday in the US and which focuses on 40 days of prayer and fasting along with peaceful vigil at abortion facilities.

"This nationwide endeavour," says Eric Alcock, President of Vote Life, Canada! "will bring publicity and healing to the violence of abortion and is the largest simultaneous pro-life mobilization in American history."

The campaign runs from Sept. 26 through Nov. 4 and about 90 cities in over 33 states have signed on. Organizers of the 40 Days for Life project, which incorporates grassroots educational outreach, report remarkable results from similar campaigns already undertaken in 9 cities around the country.

Alcock took special note that Catholic Bishops have joined with other Christian leaders throughout America in promoting this event.

"In a recent letter to Archdiocese of Baltimore pastors, Cardinal William Keeler urged support for this initiative. Cardinal Keeler pointed to John Paul II's papal letter The Gospel of Life and asked his priests to share this truth by promoting and participating in a national, ecumenical effort called Forty Days for Life," reported Alcock.

Alcock believes that the Catholic Bishops of Canada should likewise endorse this campaign and urge their parishes and pro-life organizations to quickly join in the effort by contacting 40 Days for Life through their website www.40daysforlife.com/ or by email at info@40daysforlife.com or phone 1-804-852-2979.

"Here is a unique opportunity for Canada's Catholic Bishops to show vision and leadership in bringing about an end to the tragedy of abortion in Canada. A nationwide, curbside effort to invoke conversion, forgiveness and prayer for participants, providers and supporters of abortion could very well turn the tide of legalized child-killing in our nation," enthused Alcock.

Alcock hopes the Catholic Bishops will pave the way for a "piggyback" prayer effort in Canada and perhaps even coordinate with campaign leaders to formally organize Canada’s own 40 Days for Life in the future.

Alcock reports that the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil is a quiet prayerful presence. No graphic signs are allowed and every participant must sign a 'Statement of Peace,' which gives rules for maintaining a law-abiding, respectful vigil.

The 40DaysForLife website explains the 40-day time frame is drawn from examples throughout Biblical history where God brought about world-changing transformation in 40- day periods.

Visit www.votelifecanada.ca and http://votelifecanada.blogspot.com/ updated regularly!